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Confidence, Assertiveness, Self-Esteem

Confidence, Assertiveness, Self-Esteem
A Series of 12 Sessions for Secondary School Students

  • Tina Rae - Tina Rae Well Being Training and Consultancy, Professional and Academic Tutor, University of East London

January 2000 | 182 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
`It is refreshing to find such material that has some of its key objectives in changing staff and teacher perceptions of children with behavioural needs' - Educational Psychology in Practice

This 12-session course for secondary school pupils teaches skills and strategies for more effective relationships and interactions at home and in school.

The pack includes:

" teacher notes

" worksheets

" self-esteem rating scales.

Strategies to teach include:

" mirror talk

" positive thinking

" respecting yourself.

Young people rate this as a useful pack that manages their learning in a respectful manner and builds relationships with peers and staff.

Sessions 1 - 12


Tina Rae

Tina Rae specializes in social, emotional and behavioral disorders and difficulties. She has undertaken research in the areas of engagement and disaffection with learning in young people, debriefing following critical incidents, attachment disorders, emotional well being and the psychological assessment of young offenders. Rae is experienced in assessing children and young people with respect to learning difficulties, emotional well being and relationships with carers. She is a registered member of the Health Professions Council and a full member of the British Psychological Society. She is currently a Professional and Academic tutor on... More About Author