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Conducting Scientifically Crafted Child Custody Evaluations

Conducting Scientifically Crafted Child Custody Evaluations

397 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This comprehensive guide presents the literature on child custody evaluations in a coherent, logically integrated format that can be applied directly to practice.

Jonathan Gould proposes new assessment models that are based on studies of the 10 percent of divorced couples who pursue resolution of custody disputes. The book comprises: a conceptual framework - history, systems, standards and rules, and business/office management issues; the evaluation process - practical hands-on guidance; and suggestions for the evaluator preparing for the court.

The Role of the Forensic Child Custody Evaluator
Expert Testimony and Presentation of Scientific Evidence
Developing a Conceptual Model for Custodial Assessment
The Forensic Interview of the Parents
The Forensic Interview of the Child
Psychological Variables To Consider in Custody Determinations
Special Circumstances
Beyond the Court-Ordered Evaluation
Use of Psychological Tests in Forensic Assessment
Custodial Determination
Developing Parenting Plans
Data-Organizing Tools
Providing Testimony in Court
Report Writing

"Jonathan W. Gould’s text is one of the best researched and comprehensive books on child custody evaluations I have read. This book is invaluable to evaluators, attorneys, and judges who participate in these crucial decisions affecting the lives of children and their families." 

Hugh McIsaac
Director, Oregon Family Institue and former editor of Family Conciliation Courts Review

Jonathan W. Gould