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Conducting Interpretive Policy Analysis

Conducting Interpretive Policy Analysis

  • Dvora Yanow - Wageningen University, Netherlands, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

August 1999 | 120 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This book presents a much needed guide to interpretative techniques and methods for policy research. The author begins by describing what interpretative approaches are and what they can mean to policy analysis.

The author shifts the frame of reference from thinking about values as costs and benefits to thinking about them more as a set of meanings. The book concludes with a chapter on how to move from "fieldwork to deskwork to textwork".

Underlying Assumptions of an Interpretive Approach
The Importance of Local Knowledge

Accessing Local Knowledge
Identifying Interpretive Communities and Policy Artifacts

Symbolic Language
Symbolic Objects
Symbolic Acts
Moving from Fieldwork and Deskwork to Textwork and Beyond

Dvora Yanow

I am interested in general in the communication of meaning in organizational and policy settings. Present research includes comparative immigrant and integration policies, Dutch race-ethnic category-making, reflective practice and practice studies, science museums and the idea of 'science,' and US Institutional Review Board and other research regulatory policies and practices. More About Author

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ISBN: 9780761908272

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