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Comprehensive Security for the Baltic

Comprehensive Security for the Baltic
An Environmental Approach

Edited by:
  • Arthur H Westing - Westing Associates in Environment, Security & Education, Vermont

October 1989 | 168 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
International security continues to be a topic of deep concern. As nations strive to protect their interests, an issue of international importance has been proposed to contribute to comprehensive national security: environmental protection. Comprehensive Security for the Baltic considers the extent to which regional cooperation on environmental protection and natural-resource utilization serves as a political confidence-building process that can contribute to the achievement of comprehensive international security. Using the Baltic Sea ecosystem as a case study, the contributors examine ways of building regional confidence sufficient to permit an environmentally sound development strategy to be realized. "It would be a mistake to suppose that the rather amazing recent political changes render this book out of date, for it provides a detailed and valuable survey of the agencies for international cooperation which had in fact been established by 1989, and of the progress which they had achieved. In particular, the book provides us with much useful information on progress made in limiting fishery catches, and in monitoring the quality of the Baltic Sea itself." --Global Environmental Change
Arthur H Westing
Environmental Approaches to Regional Security
Tynis O Kaasik
The Geography of the Baltic Region
Boleslaw A Boczek
The Baltic Region in its Historical Context
Unto J Vesa
Political Security in the Baltic Region
Ludwik Zmudzinski
Environmental Quality in the Baltic Region
Fritz Thurow
Fishery Resources of the Baltic Region
Bengt Broms
Multilateral Agreements in the Baltic Region
Arthur H Westing
International Baltic Sea Fishery Commission
Harald A Velner
Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission
Bernt I Dybern and Janet F Pawlak
International Council for the Exploration of the Sea
Bernt I Dybern
Nongovernmental Scientific Organizations Relevant to the Baltic Region
Naigzy Gebremedhin
Lessons from the UNEP Regional Seas Programme
Sverre Lodgaard
Confidence Building in the Baltic Region
Arthur H Westing
Regional Security in a Wider Context

`It provides a detailed and valuable survey of the agencies for international cooperation' - Global Environmental Change

`As I read this book, the news media frequently reminded me that the oil wells of Kuwait were still burning ferociously, spreading pollution in the air and contaminating the desert, several months after the cessation of hostilities in the Gulf. The book was written and published before the war started, but its timeliness and the importance of the subject matter have been emphasized by what happened in the Middle East in the early months of 1991. The book ends on an optimistic note, in putting great faith in the development of an understanding amongst the world's peoples that the destruction of the environment can be in no one's best interest. I am still not sure that the Gulf war has brought such an understanding any closer' - Medicine and War

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Arthur H Westing

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