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Complex Problems in Education

Complex Problems in Education

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Though the actual rate of violence within schools has been dropping over the past few years, the impacts of those events has escalated, in large part due to the availability of increasingly sophisticated weaponry. Just as education and violence intersect in complex ways, so do education and welfare—both social interventions intended to support children's growth and development.

Chapters in this volume of Review of Research in Education explore the complex relationship between education and welfare, explore the impacts of social interventions on supporting the prosocial development of youth, and look at macro- and micro-level classroom processes. Education intersects with larger social phenomena in many different ways. This volume helps to better understand these intersections not just as educational phenomena but also as legal, social, psychological, and political acts.

Michele S. Moses
Chapter 1: The Heart of the Matter: Philosophy and Educational Research
Okhee Lee
Chapter 2: Promoting Scientific Inquiry With Elementary Students From Diverse Cultures and Languages
Arnetha F. Ball
Chapter 3: Three Decades of Research on Classroom Life: Illuminating the Classroom Communicative Lives of America’s At-Risk Students
Jacquelynne S. Eccles and Janice Templeton
Chapter 4: Extracurricular and Other After-School Activities for Youth
Marika N. Ripke and Danielle A. Crosby
Chapter 5: The Effects of Welfare Reform on the Educational Outcomes of Parents and Their Children
R. Matthew Gladden
Chapter 6: Reducing School Violence: Strengthening Student Programs and Addressing the Role of School Organizations

Walter G. Secada