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Complex Care in Nursing

Complex Care in Nursing

First edition
Edited by:

November 2022 | 208 pages | Learning Matters
Working with people living with complex health needs is an everyday part of the nursing role. It requires an understanding of different conditions and comorbidities, of the societal and political factors that influence them and of the health and social care services available to manage them. This book joins the dots between the biological, social, and psychological drivers that add complexity to care. From knowledge of key concepts like polypharmacy and the social and political determinants of health, to practical skills in assessment and shared decision making, this book will provide you with a holistic understanding of complex care.

Key features
- Mapped to the 2018 NMC Standards of Proficiency
- Includes reflections and insights from experts of their own practice
- Case studies explore what complexity means in action, encouraging you to reflect and draw on your own experiences
- Covers all four fields of nursing in primary and secondary settings, as well as the voluntary sector
Sally-Anne Wherry and Nikki Buck
Chapter 1: Understanding complex care
Sally-Anne Wherry and Nikki Buck
Chapter 2. Complex care in context
Sally-Anne Wherry and Nikki Buck
Chapter 3: Socioeconomics in complex care
Sally-Anne Wherry and Nikki Buck
Chapter 4: Strategies in complex care
Sally-Anne Wherry and Nikki Buck
Chapter 5: Multidisciplinary management
Sally-Anne Wherry and Nikki Buck
Chapter 6: Single assessment process
Sally-Anne Wherry and Nikki Buck
Chapter 7: Shared decision making
Eleri Jones
Chapter 8: Complex care in mental health
Sally-Anne Wherry
Chapter 9: Complex care in adults
Nick Preddy and Samantha Greedy
Chapter 10: Complex care in learning disabilities
Nikki Buck
Chapter 11: Children living with complexity

A highly recommended resource for student nurses! 
The content from the book gave a broad understanding of how health care professionals can care for individuals living with long term conditions. It highlighted the barriers and challenges they face daily and ways we can support individuals to live a life that is fulfilling for them. The knowledge I have gained from this has been incredibly valuable, which I will take forward into my practice. 

Undergraduate nursing student

A thought-provoking read
It is refreshing to see so many important issues brought together in an easily read format. […] The book does a great job of introducing concepts before engaging the reader with a scenario or a case study … [I like] the use of ‘Experts by Experience’ throughout the book (as it brings the subject to life), and the friendly and accessible style of writing.

Undergraduate nursing student

An excellent read, focusing on the importance of holistic assessments when caring for individuals living with long-term conditions. The book gives a broad understanding of the challenges and barriers people face daily, and the different ways health care professionals can support individuals to live a life that is fulfilling for them. Throughout the book, case studies are shared giving readers an insight into the lived experiences of people living with long-term and complex conditions.

The knowledge I have gained from this book has been thought provoking and incredibly valuable which I will take forward into my future practice.  

Joanne Wright
Adult Nurse Degree Apprentice, University of Gloucestershire

Some good pointers and models of care to consider when explaining to students the complexity of care delivery

Mr Thomas Beary
Nursing, Hertfordshire University
September 29, 2023

Essential text to support my current field in regards to learning and teaching complex care.

Mrs Laura Rebecca Bayliss
Nursing, University of Bradford
April 3, 2023

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 3: Socioeconomics in complex care

Sally-Anne Wherry

As a specialist nurse in Parkinson’s, with experience with older people in complex care situations, Sally-Anne lectures on Long-Term Conditions and Complex Care at the University of Gloucestershire.  Her experience of working in a Chronic Care team in Australia allows her to bring a unique perspective to writing. More About Author

Nikki Buck

Nikki joined the team at the University of Gloucestershire at the start of the academic year of 2019. Previously, she had worked for a number of years as a lecturer in a London University where she taught predominantly third year BSc students the module ‘Leading Care for Complex Patients’. The module involved developing the students’ knowledge and skills and in turn, learning to apply this in caring for complex care patients.  Nikki am privileged to say that she is a neonatal intensive care nurse and engages with the role on a regular basis; she thoroughly enjoy the exact and precise nature of caring for patients who are so small and... More About Author

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