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Completing Graduate School Long Distance

Completing Graduate School Long Distance

Volume: 3
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Post-Graduate Study Skills

November 1997 | 120 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This is a comprehensive guidebook for earning a graduate degree in the United States without ever setting foot on a campus. Help and advice is given for every stage of the distance learning process.
An Introduction
An Overview of Long Distance Learning Graduate Programs
Identifying an Appropriate Institution
The Application Process
Arranging Your Life/Negotiating Time
Selecting Graduate Committee Long Distance
Developing Support Groups/Cohort Group
Reviewing Literature Long Distance without Local Resources
Meeting Thesis/Dissertation/Graduation/Requirements/Enjoying the Graduation and Closing the Books
A Perspective from Professors of Distance Learning
Conclusions, Summary, Recommendations and Reflections

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Darrel L. Hammon

Steven K. Albiston

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