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Completing a Qualitative Project

Completing a Qualitative Project
Details and Dialogue

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Nursing | Qualitative Research

July 1997 | 416 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
What do I do after the data analysis is done? This is one of the questions that plague most writers doing qualitative research and it is one of the key questions that inform this book.

With a contributor panel of 22 renowned and frequently published qualitative research authors, Janice Morse explores a wide range of topics, from nuts and bolts to the angst of the publishing process, and from the methodological to application. These discussions make this book a perfect companion to the author's early volumes, Qualitative Nursing Research and Critical Issues in Qualitative Research. Moreover, since the development of the book provided for input from the contributors on each others' chapters, each article is followed by a dialogue resulting from intense brainstorming sessions among the contributors. Readers will be comforted to learn that they are not alone in their qualitative writing endeavours. Completing a Qualitative Project will inform, support, cajole and inspire.

Janice M Morse
Recognizing the Power of Qualitative Research
On Terminating a Project  
Joyceen S Boyle
Writing It Up
Dissecting the Dissertation  
What Do I Publish?  
Juliene G Lipson
The Politics of Publishing
Protecting Participants' Confidentiality  
Holly Skodol Wilson and Sally Ambler Hutchinson
Presenting Qualitative Research Up Close
Visual Literacy in Poster Presentations  
Other Ways to Do Things  
Judy R Norris
Meaning through Form
Alternative Modes of Knowledge Representation  
On `Helping' or Working with Students  
The Art (and Science) of Critiquing Qualitative Research Sally Thorne
Publish or Perish  
Phyllis Noerager Stern
Strategies for Overcoming the Rage of Rejection
The Case of the Qualitative Researcher  
The Downside of Blind Review  
Responding to Criticism Judith E Hupcey
The Application of Theory  
Considering Theory Derived from Qualitative Research Janice M Morse
Joy L Johnson
Generalizability in Qualitative Research
Excavating the Discourse  
On Labeling a Research Program  
Margarete J Sandelowski
Programmatic Qualitative Research
Or, Appreciating the Importance of Gas Station Pumps  
Research Programs  
Joan Bottorff
Linking Qualitative and Quantitative Research
New Avenues for Programmatic Research  
On Intervention  
Janice Swanson, Roberta Durham and Judith Albright
Clinical Utilization/Application of Qualitative Research
On PAR  
Judith Wuest and Marilyn Merritt-Gray
Participatory Action Research
Practical Dilemmas and Emancipatory Possibilities  
Sorting out Meta-Analysis  
Qualitative Meta-Analysis Rita Schreiber, Dauna Crooks and Phyllis Noerager Stern
Explaining Methods  
Katharyn A May
The Politicking of Research Results
As Hired Guns  
Martha Ann Carey
Qualitative Research in Policy Development
What to Do When Stumped by the Media  
Marjorie A Muecke
Policy as Forethought in Qualitative Research
A Paradigm From Developing Country Social Scientists  

An excellent book which can be used to develop research skills among honours degree students and potential post graduate researchers.

Dr Des Cawley
Nursing and health Science, Athlone Institute of Technology
December 8, 2011

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Janice M. Morse

Janice M. Morse, PhD (Nurs), PhD (Anthro), FAAN is a professor and Presidential Endowed Chair at the University of Utah College of Nursing, and Professor Emeritus, University of Alberta, Canada., from 1991-1996, she also held a position as professor at The Pennsylvania State University. From 1997-2007, she was the founding Director and Scientific Director of the International Institute for Qualitative Methodology, University of Alberta, founding editor for the International Journal of Qualitative Methods, and Editor of the Qual Press monograph series. She remains the founding editor for Qualitative Health Research, (now in Volume 2, Sage1)... More About Author

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