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Comparatively Speaking

Comparatively Speaking
Communication and Culture Across Space and Time

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312 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This book provides an authoritative state-of-the-art review of comparative approaches to communication research in the context of time and location. Perspectives unique to mass, interpersonal, political, cultural and organizational communication are explored, while descriptions of well-known empirical projects reveal how collaborations worked and how problems were addressed across different periods and cultures.

Comparatively Speaking serves both as a student text and as a stimulus to further research in comparative communication research.

Jay G Blumler, Jack M McLeod and Karl Erik Rosengren
An Introduction to Comparative Communication Research
David L Swanson
Managing Theoretical Diversity in Cross-National Studies of Political Communication
James R Beniger
Comparison, Yes, But -- the Case of Technological and Cultural Change
Judee K Burgoon
Applying a Comparative Approach to Expectancy Violations Theory
William H Dutton and Thierry Vedel
The Dynamics of Cable Television in the United States, Britain and France
Tamar Liebes and Sonia M Livingstone
Mothers and Lovers
Managing Women's Role Conflicts in American and British Soap Operas

Daniel C Hallin and Paolo Mancini
The Summit as Media Event
The Reagan/Gorbachev Meeting on US, Italian and Soviet Television

Karl Erik Rosengren
The Structural Invariance of Change
Comparative Studies of Media Use (Some Results from a Swedish Research Program)

Kjell Nowak
Magazine Advertising Content in Sweden and the United States
Stable Patterns of Change, Variable Levels of Stability

Steven H Chaffee and Godwin Chu
Communication and Cultural Change in China
Youichi Ito
Theories on Interpersonal Communication Styles from a Japanese Perspective
A Sociological Approach

Karl Erik Rosengren, Jack M McLeod and Jay G Blumler
Comparative Communication Research
From Exploration to Consolidation


Jay G. Blumler

Jack M. McLeod

Karl Erik Rosengren