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Community Psychology

Community Psychology
Foundations for Practice

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December 2014 | 520 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Drawing upon the wisdom of experts in the field, this reader-friendly volume explores both foundational competencies and the technical how-to skills needed for engaging in community psychology practice. Each chapter explores a core competency and its application in preventing or amending community problems and issues. With case examples throughout, this text offers a practical introduction to community outreach and intervention in community psychology.

James G. Kelly
Susan M. Wolfe and Victoria C. Scott
Tom Wolff, Carolyn Swift, and Sharon Johnson-Hakim
Chapter 1: The History of Community Psychology Practice in the United States
Maurice J. Elias, William D. Neigher, and Sharon Johnson-Hakim
Chapter 2: Guiding Principles and Competencies for Community Psychology Practice
Stephen P. Stelzner and Richard M. Wielkiewicz
Chapter 3: Understanding Ecological Systems
Kien S. Lee
Chapter 4: Effecting Social Change in Diverse Contexts: The Role of Cross-Cultural Competency
Michael Morris
Chapter 5: Professional Judgment and Ethics
Jomella Watson-Thompson, Vicki Collie-Akers, Nikki Keene Woods, Kaston D. Anderson-Carpenter, Marvia D. Jones, and Erica L. Taylor
Chapter 6: Participatory Approaches for Conducting Community Needs and Resources Assessments
Scotney Evans, Catherine Raymond, and Douglas D. Perkins
Chapter 7: Organizational and Community Capacity Building
Paul W. Speer and Brian D. Christens
Chapter 8: Community Organizing
Judah J. Viola, Bradley D. Olson, Suzette Fromm Reed, Tiffeny R. Jimenez and Christina M. Smith
Chapter 9: Building and Strengthening Collaborative Community Partnerships
Leonard A. Jason, Christopher R. Beasley and Bronwyn A. Hunter
Chapter 10: Advocacy and Social Justice
Richard A. Jenkins
Chapter 11: Planning, Implementing, and Developing Evidence-Based Interventions in the Context of Federally Funded Programs
David M. Fetterman
Chapter 12: Empowerment Evaluation and Community Psychology: An Alignment of Values and Principles Designed to Improve the Human Condition
Susan M. Wolfe, Louis G. Tornatzky, and Benjamin C. Graham
Chapter 13: Dissemination and Sustainability: Changing the World and Making It Stick
Susan D. McMahon, Tiffeny R. Jimenez, Meg A. Bond, Susan M. Wolfe, and Allen W. Ratcliffe
Chapter 14: Community Psychology Education and Practice Careers in the 21st Century
Bill Berkowitz and Victoria C. Scott
Chapter 15: A Vision for Community Psychology Practice

The book provides a comprehensive overview of community psychology. It addresses the core principles, ethical guidelines and practical aspects of community psychology. It also addresses contextual issues encountered in in the field them applying community psychology in practice. The book is easy to navigate and apply.

Ms Cindy Melanie Swartbooi
Psychology, Cornerstone Institute
February 17, 2016

This book provides some useful insights into community psychological theory and practice.

Dr Michael Richards
Applied Health and Social Care , Edge Hill University
May 8, 2016

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Chapter 5

Chapter 10

Victoria Chien Scott

Victoria Scott, Ph.D., MBA, is a community psychologist who has devoted her professional career to working with non-profit organizations to optimize their performance through consultation, training, research, and evaluation.  She is actively engaged with the Society for Community Research and Action (SCRA), Division 27 of the American Psychological Association, which is a national organization devoted to strengthening communities around the world through theory, research, and action.  Dr. Scott is especially passionate about improving the quality of health care and health care outcomes. She holds an academic appointment at the... More About Author

Susan M. Wolfe

Susan M. Wolfe, Ph.D. is a community and developmental psychologist with over 28 years of professional experience. She has worked across a variety of settings that include public hospitals, a community college district, a public school system, universities, research institutes, and the federal government. She has worked across topic areas such as domestic violence, homelessness, education, adolescent development, maternal child health, technological innovation, children’s mental health, nursing homes, and policy. She is currently CEO of Susan Wolfe and Associates, LLC where she provides research, evaluation, capacity building, and... More About Author

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