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Communication Skills in Health and Social Care

Communication Skills in Health and Social Care

Third Edition

March 2015 | 248 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Communication is an essential part of everyday life. Whether you realise it or not, you, and everyone around you, are continually sending out messages to other people. From the way you chose to dress, to the gestures you make; from the style and choice of language you use, to the company you keep, you are all the time giving out messages for others to interpret. Sometimes you are heard clearly. Sometimes you are misunderstood. But when communicating with vulnerable people in a health and social care setting being misunderstood really isn’t an option.


Presented in a unique and easy-to-use dictionary format, this practical guide will help your students understand and apply the principles of effective communication. From the ‘how to’, through to practicalities, challenges and honing existing skills, this book will ensure they have the confidence and knowledge to communicate skillfully and successfully in many different contexts and settings.


This book is essential reading for anyone working in the helping professions for whom good communication skills are an essential part of their role.

Active Listening
Anti-discriminatory Practice
Barrier Gestures
Breaking Bad News
Chairing Meetings
Conflict Management
Court Room Skills
Emotional Intelligence (EI)
Empowerment, Resilience and a Strengths Perspective
Establishing a Professional Relationship
Feedback – Giving and Receiving
Getting Unstuck
Group Work
Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and Health Informatics and Communication in Social Media
Interprofessional Collaboration
Interviewing Children
Learning Difficulties
Mediation Skills
Motivational Interviewing
Non-verbal Communication
Reflective Practice
Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF)
Talks and Presentations
Telephone Skills
Time Management
Whistle Blowing
Wrong Messages

I wish I had had this book available to me when I was a practitioner.

Neil Thompson
Independent writer and online tutor (www.neilthompson. info)

This very welcome revised edition now enables those learning and teaching communication skills in the ‘people professions’ to rise to the challenges of contemporary practice. The author’s experience and scholarship are evident throughout, as is his commitment to the clear value base that must underpin professional communication in health and social care. The text is a key reference point and companion for new and experienced practitioners alike.

Suzy Braye, Emerita Professor of Social Work
University of Sussex

This book captures the complexity of the communication skills required when you are working with people in the health and social care field. The book adopts a dictionary style format and is therefore easy to navigate around and information is accessible. The reader is provided with a foundation and introduction into the various principles, which may affect and influence us when we are communicating. It is extremely beneficial that communication is presented to the reader in the widest sense.

Julie Tracey
Nursing Times

Recommended reading for student midwives

Rebecca Lawes
School of Nursing and Midwifery, University of Plymouth
October 25, 2016

This is an essential book for the HNC health and social care course. It has been describes by students as simple to use and informative

Miss Amy Alexandra Capper
Access, Warrington Collegiate
September 1, 2016

straight forward and accessible

Mr Timothy Wallis
Health , University Campus Oldham
August 9, 2016

We have added this book to our resource bank for learners' use but are not recommending it to them for purchase.

Mrs Adrienne benson
Community Health , Barnsley College
March 23, 2016

This helpful text is written using a dictionary approach. It has self-contained sections comprising theory as well as reflective activities and recommended reading to facilitate learning. The text contains tips and guidelines for best practice and useful cross-referencing to related concepts. The format makes it easy to “dip in and out of” and therefore fulfils the aim, as noted in the introduction, of being accessible and a potentially valued travelling companion. My feeling is that is would be a very useful revision aid for those wishing to brush-up or update their skills but it could also serve as an introduction to different aspects of communication skills for those starting out on the path of “people-work”.

Dr Andrea Waylen
Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, Bristol University
November 4, 2015

I lent this book to as year two student on my undergraduate degree program and they found it readable, easy to use and stimulating. Always a good recommendation!

Mr Timothy Wallis
Health, University Campus Oldham
September 30, 2015

This was an interesting book, suitable for some of the more advanced learners. However some of the content was out of reach for some of the learners.

Mr Ryan Saunders
Southend Campus, South Essex College
September 3, 2015

Bernard Moss

Bernard Moss was Emeritus Professor of Social Work Education and Spirituality at Staffordshire University. He was responsible for teaching communication skills to social work students for over a decade. His highly interactive and experiential approach to teaching gave students an opportunity to take responsibility for their own learning and development as trainee practitioners. His teaching excellence was recognised by the Higher Education Academy UK, who in 2004 awarded him a National Teaching Fellowship, in 2007 a Senior Fellowship, and in 2013 Principal Fellowship status. He was part of the working group established by the Social Care... More About Author

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