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Communication and Negotiation

Communication and Negotiation

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Consolidating alternative perspectives on communication and negotiation, this volume reviews the work of noted communication scholars and suggests directions for future research. Contributors explore three major aspects of negotiation communication: strategies, tactics and negotiation processes; interpretive processes and language analysis; and negotiation situation and context. This research also explores bargaining planning, framing and reframing, as well as relational communication with opponents, constituents and audiences.
Michael E Roloff and Jerry M Jordan
Achieving Negotiation Goals
The `Fruits and Foibles' of Planning Ahead

Marshall Scott Poole, Dale L Shannon and Gerardine DeSanctis
Communication Media and Negotiation Processes
Frank Tutzauer
The Communication of Offers in Dyadic Bargaining
Michael E Holmes
Phase Structures in Negotiation
Colleen M Keough
Bargaining Arguments and Argumentative Bargainers
Linda L Putnam and Majia Holmer
Framing, Reframing and Issue Development
Pamela Gibbons, James J Bradac and Jon D Busch
The Role of Language in Negotiations
Threats and Promises

Steven R Wilson
Face and Facework in Negotiation
William A Donohue and Closepet N Ramesh
Negotiator-Opponent Relationships
Dudley B Turner
Negotiator-Constituent Relationships
Sara U Douglas
Negotiation Audiences
The Role of the Mass Media


Linda L. Putnam

Linda L. Putnam is a Research Professor in the Department of Communication at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Her current research interests include discourse analysis in organizations, negotiation and organizational conflict, and gender.  She is the co-editor of twelve books, including The SAGE Handbook of Organizational Communication (2014), Building Theories of Organization: The Constitutive Role of Communication (2009) and the author/co-author of over 180 journal articles and book chapters. She is a Distinguished Scholar of the National Communication Association, a Fellow of the International Communication Association... More About Author

Michael Elwood Roloff

MICHAEL E. ROLOFF (Ph.D, Michigan State University) is professor of Communication Studies at Northwestern University. His research and teaching interests are in the general area of interpersonal influence. He has published articles and offers courses focused on persuasion, interpersonal compliance-gaining, conflict management, organizational change and bargaining and negotiation. His current research is focused on conflict avoidance and serial arguing in intimate relationships, the interpretation and construction of persuasive messages, and the effects of planning and alternatives on negotiation processes. He has co-edited four research... More About Author

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