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Communication and Interpersonal Skills in Social Work

Communication and Interpersonal Skills in Social Work

Third Edition

208 pages | Learning Matters
Good communication skills are at the heart of effective social work practice. This Third Edition enables students to develop a flexible and responsive approach to communicating with the most vulnerable people in society. Building on the success of the previous book, Juliet Koprowska looks in detail at all approaches to communication, paying particular attention to young people, adults and families. The emphasis of this book is not on any particular 'right way' to communicate, but more the ability of the student to be pro-active and aware in different situations.
Communication Skills: Don’t They Just Come Naturally?
What Do We Know About Effective Communication?
The Human Face of Social Work: Understanding Emotions, Intentions and Non-Verbal Communication
Getting started
Making progress and managing endings
Communicating with children
Working with families and groups
Working with People with ‘Special Communication Needs': Communicative Minorities
Safety and Risk: Working with Hostility and Deception
The Demands and Rewards of Interpersonal Work

"This is an excellent book which covers communication issues in relation to a number of different groups. It is well presented, easy to use and has a wealth of useful information." Lecturer, University of Huddersfield

Easy to read and well structured, a useful text for undergraduate study.

Mrs Rebecca Stinson
Health, Human Development & Community Studies, Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education
April 16, 2014

A very clear analysis of a key aspect of social work practice

Mr Michael Marriott
Faculty of Health & Social Care, The Open University
January 11, 2014

Good book for level 4 students to support reflective practice and skills development.

Ms Jodie Low
Applied Social and Community Studies, Derby University
March 13, 2013

Very good for interprofessional learning module

Mrs Natasha Morrison
Health and Human Sciences, Essex University
February 27, 2013

Good basic text for Level 4

Ms Jackie Chrystal
Health and Social Care, Winchester University
February 14, 2013

Another great revised edition - accessible and comprehensive will become increasingly more relevant in terms of the additional 30 days skills training for the new BA degrees in SW.

Mr David Gaylard
Social Work (Bishop Otter), Chichester University
December 26, 2012

An excellent text exploring the complexities of communication in social work.

Jenny Crouch
Social Work Office (Redditch), North East Worcestershire College
August 7, 2012

Not suitable for mental health nursing students - a rather disappointing book as it seemed to me rather too superficial in its approach, even for for first year students. More useful books available! Sorry.

Ms Eleanor Jack
Department of Nursing, Bournemouth University
June 28, 2012

very clear and useful

Mrs Fiona Wilkes
Social Work Office (Redditch), North East Worcestershire College
December 23, 2011

Juliet Koprowska

Juliet Koprowska is a lecturer at the University of York and has taught both Interviewing Skills and Mental Health for many years. She was a key participant in the creation of models for teaching interviewing skills and for undertaking direct observation, both of which have been widely adopted, and is currently co-running a project on interprofessional learning in mental health. She has been a member of the Group for the Advancement of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy in Social Work, and is a member of the National Organisation for Practice Teaching, and of the Systems-centred Training and Research Institute. More About Author