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Commentaries, Responses and Rejoinders

Some journals may allow short commentaries on published articles and author responses (or rebuttals). These are generally limited to one direct commentary on an article published in the journal, an author response to the commentary, and a rejoinder by the commentator, all of which are subject to peer review unless otherwise stated in the journal’s manuscript submission guidelines. Such contributions may have a restricted word count. Please view the relevant journal’s submission guidelines for more information.

For example: a commentary on a published article is submitted to the journal, subject to peer review; the commentary is shared with the authors who are invited to submit a response, subject to peer review; the author response may be shared with the commentator, who is invited to submit a rejoinder, subject to peer review; the rejoinder is shared with the authors of the published article. If accepted for publication, the commentary, author response and rejoinder are published simultaneously in the journal and no further correspondence is considered for publication.