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Colonial and Post-Colonial Geographies of India

Colonial and Post-Colonial Geographies of India

First Edition
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Historical Geography

February 2006 | 356 pages | SAGE India

"Colonial and Postcolonial Geographies of India offers a good introduction to and basis for rethinking the ways in which academics theorize and teach the geographies of peoples, places, and regions."
Haripriya Rangan, Monash University, Economic Geography

This collection of original essays by scholars of geography from India, Western Europe and the US provides important insights into the way in which contemporary geographers are engaging with India. The earlier narrow colonial focus that sought to map India as a country of `resources` and ‘peoples’ (tribes and castes) has now been discarded for a broader view located in mainstream intellectual frameworks and informed by a public policy perspective. This volume highlights how contemporary geographers ‘see’ and write on colonial and post-colonial themes such as the state, nation, community, environment and division of labour, while keeping in mind issues of spatiality and territoriality.

Stuart Corbridge, M Satish Kumar and Saraswati Raju
M Satish Kumar
Idioms, Symbolism and Divisions
Beyond the Black and White Towns in Madras, 1652-1850

Alison Blunt
Home, Community and Nationality
Anglo-Indian Women in India before and after Independence

Stuart Corbridge and Edward Simpson
Militant Cartographies and Traumatic Spaces
Ayodhya, Bhuj and the Contested Geographies of Hindutva

Robert W Bradnock
Territoriality, Kashmir and the Evolving Geopolitics of India-Pakistan Relations
Saraswati Raju
From Global to Local
Gendered Discourses and Embedded Urban Labour Market in India

Vandana Desai
Women's Social Transformation, NGOs and Globalization in Urban India
Sharad Chari
Social Labour and the Geography of Work in Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu
Martina Fromhold-Eisebith
Infotech Industries and Regional Disparities in India
Stephen Legg
Post-Colonial Developmentalities
From the Delhi Improvement Trust to the Delhi Development Authority

Swapna Banerjee-Guha
Post-Modernism, Post-Fordism and Flexibilized Metropolis
Dialectical Images of Mumbai

Craig Jeffrey, Patricia Jeffery and Roger Jeffery
Urbane Geographies
Schooling, Jobs and the Quest for Civility in Rural North India

Annapurna Shaw
Decentralization and Participation in Urban India
Women Community Workers in a Small Town of West Bengal

Glyn Williams and Emma Mawdsley
India's Evolving Political Ecologies
Paul Robbins
Carbon Colonies
From Local Use Value to Global Exchange in Climate Forestry

Richa Singh and Richa Nagar
In the Aftermath of Critique: The Journey after Sangtin Yatra

"Colonial and Postcolonial Geographies of India offers a good introduction to and basis for rethinking the ways in which academics theorize and teach the geographies of peoples, places, and regions."
Economic Geography

Haripriya Rangan
Monash University
Economic Geography

This book fills a very significant gap in the literature on the political–economic geography of India through the colonial and contemporary periods…. the panoramic range of ideas and material landscapes explored here makes this book a unique contribution to several fields of study.

Contributions to Indian Sociology

The interdisciplinary work throws new light on pressing contemporary issues as well as on issues during the colonial period. It is valuable not only for geographers but also for other social scientists concerned with society in the fast-changing world.

Journal of Social and Economic Development

This book is a very useful, timely and a much-needed addition to the geographic research on colonial and postcolonial India. It is a must-read for academicians and researchers working on India and development studies.

Asian Journal of Social Sciences

Saraswati Raju

Satish Kumar

Stuart E Corbridge

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