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Cognitive Science

Cognitive Science

Six Volume Set
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January 2008 | 2 602 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This new major work in a key area of psychological study and research has been bought together by one of Europe's leading Cognitive scientists and will be included as part of the Sage Benchmarks in Psychology series. Drawing upon highly influential classic and contemporary sources, Koen Lambert guides readers through the central defining papers that anchor the field of Cognitive Science. Taken together, the six volumes will provide access to the key debates within the field and all the main lines of research that have emerged.

Cognitive Science consists of 80 papers and is organized into the following six volumes:

  • Volume I: Perception – Object Recognition – Categorization
  • Volume II: Attention – Learning
  • Volume III: Memory
  • Volume IV: Language and Speech
  • Volume V: Discourse Comprehension – Reasoning
  • Volume VI: Judgment and Decision Making

The six volumes present an interdisciplinary collection of wide ranging readings taken from leading behavioral sciences publications, including highly cited theoretical articles and empirical articles that have had great impact on the key debates in the field.

Volume One
Perception - Object Recognition - Categorization

D H Hubel and T N Wiesel
Receptive Fields and Functional Architecture of Monkey Striate Cortex
C Blakemore and F W Campbell
On the Existence of Neurons in the Human Visual System Selectively Sensitive to the Orientation and Size of Retinal Images
L G Ungerleider and M Mishkin
Two Cortical Visual Systems
D Marr and E Hildreth
Theory of Edge Detection
S Ullman
Visual Routines
G Johansson
Visual Perception of Biological Motion and a Model for Its Analysis
J J Koenderink
Optic Flow
M I Posner and S W Keele
On the Genesis of Abstract Ideas
E Rosch
Principles of Categorization
R M Nosofsky
Attention, Similarity and the Identification-Categorization Relationship
R N Shepard
Toward a Universal Law of Generalization for Psychological Science
I Biederman
Human Image Understanding
Recent Research and a Theory

T Poggio and S Edelman
A Network That Learns to Recognize Three-Dimensional Objects
M Tarr and H H B[um]ulthoff
Is Human Object Recognition Better Described by Geon-Structural-Descriptions or by Multiple-Views?
R N Shepard and J Metzler
Mental Rotation of Three-Dimensional Objects
Volume Two
Attention - Learning

J A Deutsch and D Deutsch
Some Theoretical Considerations

A M Treisman and G Gelade
A Feature-Integration Theory of Attention
C Bundesen
A Computational Theory of Visual Attention
G D Logan
An Instance Theory of Attention and Memory
W K Estes
Toward a Statistical Theory of Learning
R A Rescorla and A R Wagner
A Theory of Pavlovian Conditioning
Variations in the Effectiveness of Reinforcement and Non-Reinforcement

L J Kamin
Selective Association and Conditioning
R S Sutton and A G Barto
Toward a Modern Theory of Adaptive Networks
Expectations and Predictions

D E Rumelhart, G E Hinton and R H Williams
Learning Representations by Back-Propagating Errors
J K Kruschke
An Exemplar-Based Connectionist Model of Category Learning

J M Pearce
Similarity and Discrimination
A Selective Review and a Connectionist Model

J R Anderson
The Adaptive Nature of Human Categorization
M E P Seligman
On the Generality of the Laws of Learning
M E P Seligman and S F Maier
Failure to Escape Traumatic Shock
A S Reber
Implicit Learning of Artificial Grammars
Volume Three

G A Miller
The Magical Number Seven, plus or minus Two
Some Limits on Our Capacity for Processing Information

S Sternberg
High-Speed Scanning in Human Memory
F I M Craik and R S Lockhart
Levels of Processing
A Framework for Memory Research

A D Baddeley and G J Hitch
Working Memory
E Tulving and D M Thomson
Encoding Specificity and Retrieval Processes in Episodic Memory
P A Kolers and H L Roediger III
Procedures of Mind
D L Schacter
Implicit Memory
History and Current Status

L Jacoby
A Process Dissociation Framework
Separating Automatic from Intentional Use of Memory

A M Collins and E F Loftus
A Spreading-Activation Theory of Semantic Processing
J G W Raaijmakers and R M Shiffrin
Search of Associative Memory
E F Loftus
The Reality of Repressed Memories
Volume Four
Language and Speech

N Chomsky
A Review of B F Skinner's Verbal Behavior
J Morton
Interaction of Information in Word Recognition
J L McClelland and D E Rumelhart
An Interactive Activation Model of Context Effects in Letter Perception
An Account of Basic Findings

D D Wheeler
Processes in Word Recognition
D Norris
Word Recognition
Context Effects without Priming

M S Seidenberg and J L McClelland
A Distributed, Developmental Model of Word Recognition and Naming
G W McConkie and K Rayner
The Span of Effective Stimulus during a Fixation in Reading
L Frazier and K Rayner
Making and Correcting Errors during Sentence Comprehension
Eye Movements in the Analysis of Structurally Ambiguous Sentences

A M Liberman and I G Mattingly
The Motor Theory of Speech Perception Revised
J L McClelland and J L Elman
The TRACE Model of Speech Perception
G S Dell
A Spreading-Activation Theory of Retrieval in Sentence Production
K Bock and W Levelt
Language Production
Grammatical Encoding

Volume Five
Discourse Comprehension - Reasoning

J D Bransford and J J Franks
The Abstraction of Linguistic Ideas
W Kinstch and T A Van Dijk
Toward a Model of Text Comprehension and Production
W Kintsch
The Role of Knowledge in Discourse Comprehension
A Construction-Integration Model

M A Just and P A Carpenter
A Capacity Theory of Comprehension
Individual Differences in Working Memory

A C Graesser, M Singer and T Trabasso
Constructing Inferences during Narrative Text Comprehension
G McKoon and R Ratcliff
Inference during Reading
T K Landauer, P W Foltz and D Laham
Introduction to Latent Semantic Analysis
P C Wason
On the Failure to Eliminate Hypotheses in a Conceptual Task
J Klayman and Y-W Ha
Confirmation, Disconfirmation and Information in Hypothesis Testing
M Oaksford and N Chater
A Rational Analysis of the Selection Task as Optimal Data Selection
M D S Braine
On the Relation between the Natural Logic of Reasoning and Standard Logic
P N Johnson-Laird, R M J Byrne and W Schaeken
Propositional Reasoning by Model
P W Cheng and K L Holyoak
Pragmatic Reasoning Schemas
D N Osherson et al
Category-Based Induction
D R Proffitt and D L Gilden
Understanding Natural Dynamics
Volume Six
Judgement and Decision-Making

C R Peterson and L R Beach
Man as an Intuitive Statistician
H A Simon
Rational Choice and the Structure of the Environment
A Tversky and D Kahneman
Judgments under Uncertainty
Heuristics and Biases

D Kahneman and A Tversky
Prospect Theory
An Analysis of Decision under Risk

A Tversky and D Kahneman
The Framing of Decisions and the Psychology of Choice
A Tversky and D Kahneman
Extensional versus Intuitive Reasoning
The Conjunction Fallacy in Probability Judgment

H J Einhorn and R M Hogarth
Behavioral Decision Theory
Processes of Judgment and Choice

L B Alloy and N Tabachnik
Assessment of Covariation by Humans and Animals
The Joint Influence of Prior Expectations and Current Situational Information

J W Payne
Contingent Decision Behavior
R E Nisbett et al
The Use of Statistical Heuristics in Everyday Inductive Reasoning
P Slovic
The Construction of Preference
G Gigerenzer and D G Goldstein
Reasoning the Fast and Frugal Way
Models of Bounded Rationality


Koen Lamberts

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