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Clinical Judgement and Decision Making for Nursing Students

Clinical Judgement and Decision Making for Nursing Students

May 2011 | 208 pages | Learning Matters
Clinical decision making is now recognised as an indispensable facet of professional nursing care. It is essential that students develop sound decision making skills in order to deal with the challenges they will encounter as registered nurses. This book enables pre-registration nursing students to understand, develop and apply these skills in order to practise safely and effectively. The structure of the book helps the student progress in effective decision making right from the first to final year of their programme. The book links theory to previous students' experiences and clinical scenarios to show how to use these skills in practice.

Mooi Standing is an Independent Academic Consultant (UK and International) & Accredited NMC Reviewer. She leads on curriculum development, quality review and enhancement of theoretical and practice-based learning in nursing and allied health programmes for Universities across UK and Internationally. She also manages the development of collaborative international partnerships on educational programmes between UK higher education institutions and Asia.

What Is Clinical Judgement and Decision-Making in Nursing?
Collaborative Clinical Decision-Making
Using Observation to Inform Decisions
Systematic Clinical Decision-Making
Standardized Clinical Decision-Making
Prioritizing Decisions in Delivering Care
Experience and Intuition in Decision-Making
Reflective Judgement and Decision-Making
Ethical Sensitivity in Decision-Making
Accountability for Nursing Decisions
Confidence in Clinical Decision-Making

This is a really useful book for 3rd year student midwives or nurses

Mrs Helen Joyce
Nursing and Midwifery, York University
October 15, 2012

A useful book for midwifery students to utilise throughout their programme.

Lesley Daniels
Nursing, School of Healthcare, Leeds University
September 28, 2012

This book covers all the elements of the learning outcomes for the module which I am running entitled 'Clinical Reasoning and Decision-making in Nursing'. It is easy to read and pitch at the right level for yr2 pre-registration nursing students

Ms Christine Chu
School of Nursing, Kingston University
August 16, 2012

A useful book for more experienced students to help guide them through learning to make informed decisions utilising sound judgements based on clear prinicples.

Mrs Suzanne Seabra
Nursing and Midwifery (Stafford), Staffordshire University
August 16, 2012

other books reviewed for our course and this did not contain as much detail as others

Dr Alison Pooler
nursing, Keele University
July 17, 2012

This is an excellent book for all levels of student nurse. Based on research which identified ten types of clinical decision making, it explores each type in depth. It uses clear and pertinant case studies and excercises and I particuarly like the clear non jargonistic explanations of the concepts discussed in the context of the case studies and activities.
NMC standards are identified throughout and linked to each concept explored.
As a children's nurse I would have liked more child/family based excercises but all of them are useful and can lead on to how they can be applied to child matters.

Miss Ann Morrill
School of Nursing and Midwifery, King's College London
June 20, 2012

Really good book for supplementing knowledge for 2nd and 3rd year students in pre-reg nursing

Miss Moira Walker
Nursing, Bedfordshire University
May 25, 2012

Although we are a Midwifery programme this will be useful to our year 2 midwifery students and onwards.
Much of the text is transferable to Midwifery therefore making much of it useful. I particulalry like the activities which can be adopted and developed in the classroom.

Helen Muscat
Department of Health, Wellbeing and the Family, Canterbury Christ Church University
March 13, 2012

Good introductory text

Mrs Dianne Burns
Nursing, Manchester University
January 11, 2012

A very important competency for all nurses, this book allows nurses to explore the importance and how it affects practice and the patient experience.

Liz Broadbent
Social Work, Huddersfield University
December 20, 2011

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Mooi Standing

Dr Mooi Standing is an independent academic nursing consultant with over 40 years’ experience that includes: (i) practising mental health and adult nursing in a range of hospital and community settings; (ii) lecturing pre-registration and post-registration nursing students from certificate to Master’s level and presenting scholarly papers at international nursing conferences; (iii) researching how nurses develop clinical decision-making skills and publishing articles, books and chapters on this topic for nursing students, registered nurses and advanced practitioners; and (iv) providing external consultancy in curriculum development... More About Author

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