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Civil Society, Public Sphere and Citizenship

Civil Society, Public Sphere and Citizenship
Dialogues and Perceptions

First Edition
Edited by:
  • Rajeev Bhargava - Honorary Fellow, Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, Delhi, India
  • Helmut Reifeld - Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Berlin

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Citizenship Studies

420 pages | SAGE India
What is the political role of the Indian citizen today? What are his/her options, commitments and requirements within Indian civil society and its public sphere? What difference does it make if a person makes use of his/her democratic citizenship in a more active or passive way? Who is allowed to participate actively and who is denied access to democratic rights? What impact does civil society have on the Indian state today? Is there a predominant culture, and in which way does this predominance affect its responsibilities?

While these questions have long been discussed both within India and abroad, the contributors to this volume seek to provide new points of view and enrich the ongoing debate.

Helmut Reifeld
Rajeev Bhargava
Ute Frevert
Civil Society and Citizenship in Western Democracies
Historical Development and Recent Challenge

Farhat Hasan
Forms of Civility and Publicness in Pre-British India
Sudhir Chandra
Subject's Citizenship Dream
Notes on the 19th Century

Neeladri Bhattacharya
Notes towards a Conception of the Colonial Public
Ravi Vasudevan
An Imperfect Public
Cinema and Citizenship in the Third World

Kumar Shahani
The State, Civil Society and Public Sphere
Alok Rai
Thinking through Hindi
Clemens Albrecht
Genesis or Validation
The Dilemma of Theoretical Conception of the Modernization of the Public Sphere

Valerian Rodrigues
Citizenship and the Indian Constitution
Aditya Nigam
Civil Society and Its `Underground'
Explorations in the Notion of `Political Society'

Gopal Guru
Citizenship in Exile
A Dalit Case

B S Chimni
Outside the Bounds of Citizenship
The States of Aliens, Illegal Migrants and Refugees in India

Dagmar Bernstorff
An Emerging Civil Society
The Case of Tibet in Exile

Neera Chandoke
Exploring the Mythology of the Public Sphere
Javeed Alam
A Look at Theory
Civil Society, Democracy and Public Sphere in India

Anuradha Chenoy
Women and the Breakdown of the Public Sphere
D L Sheth
Nation-Building and the Making of Civil Society

Rajeev Bhargava

Rajeev Bhargava was Professor of political theory and Indian political thought and the Head of the Department of Political Science at the University of Delhi, and is a prominent scholar of multi-culturalism and secularism in nonwestern societies. He has held fellowships in the Harvard University Program in Ethics and the Professions at the British Academy.Professor Bhargava is the Editor of Secularism and its Critics (1998) and Civil Society, Public Sphere and Citizenship: Dialogues and Perceptions (2005), and co-editor of Multiculturalism, Liberalism and Democracy (1990) and Transforming India (2000). He is the author of Individualism in... More About Author

Helmut Reifeld

Helmut Reifeld is at present the Representative of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in India. Formerly a research fellow with the German Historical Institute, London, and Bayreuth University, Germany, his co edited works include Pluralism and Equality and Women in Panchayati Raj. More About Author

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