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City Schools

City Schools
Leading the Way

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April 1993 | 352 pages | Corwin
By understanding the realities, complex relationships and conditions of practice that influence urban schooling, educators can take advantage of the opportunities that urban settings present. The authors identify nine key problems of practice affecting city schools in the United States and provide examples of the possible interventions needed to improve the education of urban youth. The theory, research and analytic tools relevant to each issue are presented clearly and in a non-technical way.
Marilyn Tallerico and Patrick B Forsyth
Richard M Englert
Understanding the Urban Context and Conditions of Practice of School Administration
Patrick B Forsyth
Motivating Urban Learners
Linda F Winfield, Ruth Johnson and Joanne B Manning
Managing Instructional Diversity
James R Bliss
Building Open Climates in Urban Schools
Robert O Slater
Collecting and Using Information for Problem Solving and Decision Making
Laurence J Parker
Acquiring and Using Resources
Marilyn Tallerico
Governing Urban Schools
William J Kritek
Effecting Change in Urban Schools
Robert T Stout
Establishing the Mission, Vision, and Goals

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Patrick B. Forsyth

Marilyn Tallerico

Marilyn Tallerico is a professor of Educational Leadership at Syracuse University. She teaches graduate courses in professional development, curriculum leadership, assessment of teaching, and politics of education. Her work has appeared in the Journal of Staff Development, as well as numerous other research and practitioner journals. She is widely published in the areas of the superintendency, gender, and educational leadership. Her two prior books were Accessing the Superintendency: The unwritten Rules (2000) and City Schools: Leading the Way (1993), the latter co-edited with Patrick B. Forsyth.A theme throughout her work is how... More About Author

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