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Citizenship and Social Theory

Citizenship and Social Theory

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"An interesting collection of essays which examines the relevance of the concept of citizenship for the current debates in social and political theory." --Political Studies Association The concept of citizenship is central to the relations between individual and nation, but citizenship has never had the body of systematic theory comparable to democratic or state theory. In this impressive volume, an international group of contributors identifies key strands in the theory of citizenship and its relations to contemporary social and political change. Among the issues explored are the historical roots of citizenship and its modern development with the nation state and urban society; the differing traditions of citizenship in democratic theory and civil society in marxist theory; the relation of citizenship to welfare and the market; and the implications of citizenship for the problems of belonging, identity, and personality in the modern world. This interdisciplinary volume will be of wide interest to scholars and students in sociology, political science, political philosophy, and social policy.
Bryan S Turner
Contemporary Problems in the Theory of Citizenship
Barry Hindess
Citizenship in the Modern West
J M Barbalet
Citizenship, Class Inequality and Resentment
Peter Saunders
Citizenship in a Liberal Society
Stephen Kalberg
Cultural Foundations of Modern Citizenship
John Shotter
Psychology and Citizenship
Identity and Belonging

Adam B Seligman
The Fragile Ethical Vision of Civil Society
Bryan S Turner
Outline of the Theory of Human Rights

`An interesting collection of essays which examine the relevance of the concept of citizenship for the current debates in social and political theory' - Political Studies

Bryan S Turner

Bryan S. Turner is one of the world’s leading sociologists of religion; he has also devoted significant attention to sociological theory, the study of human rights, and the sociology of the body. In Vulnerability and Human Rights (Pennsylvania State University Press, 2006), he presents an interdisciplinary dialogue with the literature of economics, law, medicine, philosophy, political science, and religion. His current research involves the role of religion in contemporary Asia and the changing nature of citizenship in a globalizing world. Turner has written, coauthored, or edited more than seventy books and more than two hundred articles... More About Author