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Citizenship and Cultural Policy

Citizenship and Cultural Policy

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Cultural Theory

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With the growth of interest in the debates about what culture is, and who 'owns' it, questions of cultural policy have moved to the forefront of wider dicussions of citizenship. This book unpicks the significance of culture for citizenship. Among the topics explored are the strengths and weaknesses of the 'civilizing mission' of museums; the moralism of 'Third Way' politics; the proper base for funding culture and the arts; the impact of globalization on culture and citizenship; the fantasies of freedom in Internet use; the tensions between human rights advocacy and citizenship; and the place of citizen ideals in governance. What emerges is a superb resource for analyzing the meaning of cultural policy in contemporary society. It both summarizes the state of the field and innovates new ways of thinking about culture and citizenship.

Denise Meredyth and Jeffrey Minson
Resourcing Citizenries

Nikolas Rose
Community, Citizenship and the Third Way
Tony Bennett
Acting on the Social
Art, Culture and Government

Toby Miller
The NEA in the 1990s
A Black Eye on the Arts?

Janice Besch and Jeffrey Minson
Participatory Policymaking, Ethics and the Arts
Ian Hunter and Denise Meredyth
Popular Sovereignty and Civic Education
Barry Hindess
Citizenship in the International Management of Populations
Anna Yeatman
Who Is the Subject of Human Rights?
Tim Rowse
Culturally Appropriate Indigenous Accountability
Stuart Cunningham et al
Multicultural Broadcasting and Diasporic Video as Public `Sphericules'
Julian Thomas
Liberal Machines

Denise Meredyth

Jeffrey Minson

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