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Circle Time Sessions for Relaxation and Imagination

Circle Time Sessions for Relaxation and Imagination

96 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Young people have to cope with stress yet often are given little or no practical help, nor are they taught coping strategies.

Using the popular technique of Circle Time, this book provides a range of exercises to promote relaxation, inner confidence and a positive sense of self through the use of visualisation. These strategies are already established in other walks of life, such as sport, and will build on emotional literacy work as part of the PSHE curriculum.

The exercises are also accompanied by questions, discussion prompts and worksheets. This book will be useful for all adults who want to provide young people aged 8 upwards with the tools to assist emotional development.

A Relaxation Exercise
Learning to relax the body

Row Your Boat
A visualisation for generating wellbeing and inner peace inner peace

The Giant Within
Creating a big person internally

The House that Peace Built
Creating peaceful spaces within and exploring the fact that there are many aspects to ourselves

Mirror, Mirror On My Wall
Building a positive internal image of ourselves based on acceptance

The Happy Forest
A visualisation and wellbeing exercise for generating warmth towards oneself

Sky Dance with An Eagle
Promoting inner peace and wellbeing

Butterfly Valley
A visualisation exercise for building confidence

Learning to let go of troublesome and persistent thoughts

The Roar of the Crowd
Taking on challenges and becoming a winner internally

Quick Fixes and Tune Ups
Bow and Arrow
A visualisation exercise for dispersing of negative emotion

The Tap
Turning off negative emotions and recognising choice in going with or against an emotion

Receptive Hands
Creating openness towards the challenge of learning

A mental preparation for sitting exams

Start of Day Positive Focus 1
Creating a climate of positive interaction

Start of Day Positive Focus 2
Creating a climate of positive interaction

Ball of Light
A circle game for developing goodwill amongst a class or a group

From Buds to Flowers
Working towards a wholesome future self


Tony Pryce

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