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Circle Solutions for Student Wellbeing

Circle Solutions for Student Wellbeing

Second Edition
  • Sue Roffey - Honorary Associate Professor at University College London and the Universities of Exeter and Western Sydney

February 2018 | 140 pages | SAGE AdvantEDGE

'This is a very practical guide to a teaching approach that enables children to become more powerful learners; it is also an opportunity to spend time with a big-hearted person who understands what happens for children in school and how circles can help them grow.' - James Park, PROGRESS Director, Human Scale Education (

'Grounded in contemporary research, Roffey ignites the reader's conviction that 'I can do this too!'   Gifting the educator with a treasure chest of fresh, engaging, practical and applicable ideas, this book makes it possible for every teacher to build both the learning and well-being of all young people.' 
Kerry Bird, Project Manager for Personal and Social Development Education in Catholic Education  -  Cairns and  Brisbane

First published as Circle Time for Emotional Literacy, this new edition has been updated to reflect how the Circle Solutions philosophy and pedagogy can be used to build relationships and resilience for children and young people.  

Putting current research on wellbeing into practice, Circle Solutions addresses issues not incidents, solutions rather than problems, and strengths rather than deficits, providing a framework for student engagement and learning.

New to this edition:

  • a chapter on promoting the positive:  thoughts, feelings and approaches
  • more anti-bullying strategies, with cyber-bullying covered explicitly
  • a quick reference appendix of games
  • ways of embedding Circle Solutions as a tool for wellbeing
  • updated and expanded resources.

Activities and games included in the book promote positive communication skills, empathy and connectedness, class cohesion and co-operation, friendship skills and ethical behaviour.  The book is suitable for all phases of education.

Circle Solutions in action
Watch this photo-film about Circle Solutions showing the philosophy practice and the views of teachers, students and school principals about its effectiveness. 

List of Tables and Figures
The Circle Solutions Philosophy and Principles
The Circle Solutions Pedagogy: Maximising Effectiveness
The Basics
Strengths, Dreams and Values
Positive Communication Skills
Emotional Awareness and Skills
Promoting the Positive for Resilience
Shared Humanity: Connection, Belonging and Empathy
Friendship, Cooperation and Ethics
Circle Solutions for Challenging Situations
Appendix 1: Twelve Dimensions for Learning Relationships and Promoting Wellbeing: Lesson Content and Congruent School Context
Appendix 2: Games Index
Appendix 3: Useful Resources

Sue Roffey

Previously a teacher and educational psychologist, Sue Roffey is currently adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Western Sydney and Honorary Lecturer at University College London. She is a prolific author, international educational consultant and speaker on issues related to pro-social behaviour, belonging, resilience and positive relationships within education.  She is the founder and director of Wellbeing Australia ( and now lives between Sydney and London.  Sue can be contacted through and More About Author

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