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China’s Transformation

China’s Transformation
The Success Story and the Success Trap

November 2017 | 400 pages | SAGE India

Based on the author’s research in China for over three decades, China’s Transformation: The Success Story and the Success Trap shows how its ‘reform and open door’ policy evolved and helped achieve tremendous economic success. However, it also generated serious social and environmental problems. The book presents that the consequences of this success story of growth are so strong that it has been difficult for China to change its main development path to achieve a desirable level of equity and sustainability. The author describes this as the ‘success trap’ that China is currently grappling with.

The author argues that China’s reform path is grounded in the premises of the European Industrial Revolution backed by strong sociopolitical forces at home, indicating that a major change in the development path is unlikely. However, all indications point to a strong and prosperous China as a rising world power in the coming decades, trying to cope with the sociopolitical problems in its own way.

Part 1. China’s Reforms: Overview and a View from Below
Development Strategy and the Countryside
Hela Township, Wuxi: Transformation of the Land of Rice and Fish
Part 2. State and Party: Agencies of Reforms
Local State and the Agency Trap
The Party and Its Governing Capacity
Part 3. Effects on People
TVEs as Catalysts in China’s Success Story: Why Were They Abandoned?
Prosperity and Problems in the Countryside
Clearing Clouds in Half the Sky: Women in the Success Trap
Social Sector Achievements and Crisis: Health, Family Planning and Education
Learning from China’s Development: Lessons for Global Transformation

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Manoranjan Mohanty

Formerly Professor of Political Science at the University of Delhi, Prof Mohanty is currently Distinguished Professor at Council for Social Development and Honorary Fellow, Institute of Chinese Studies, New Delhi.  His recent publications include Grass-roots Democracy in India and China, Ideology Matters : China from Mao Zedong to Xi Jinping and Red and Green: Five Decades of the Indian Maoist Movement. More About Author

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