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Children's Rights

Children's Rights

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The ratification of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) by a majority of the International Labor OrganizationÆs member states technically affirms that children are born with fundamental freedoms and the inherent rights of all human beings. This should mark the 21st century as a century of hope for those children whose fundamental rights are violated across the world. There is, however, widespread concern that in spite of some successes in enlisting broad-based societal commitments to safeguard childrenÆs rights, there exists neither a universal consensus on the meaning and very concept of 'childrenÆs rights' nor sufficient reasons for us to be content with the current status of childrenÆs rights worldwide.''The widening of the gap between expectations and achievements in the area of human rights raises a fundamental issue: how comfortably does our commitment to childrenÆs rights fit with our convictions about social justice? Violation of childrenÆs rights multiplies at an alarming rate - pointing to the wholesale failure of policies, programs, interventions, and conventions designed to curb them.''On the positive side, however, the present trends in the debate and advocacy around childrenÆs rights have great potential not only for improving the status of children. Child-centered demands for distributive justice have a much greater potential in terms of the possibility of building an intercultural consensus as compared to similar demands by other social groups.''The 11 articles in this volume of The Annals seek to address some of the dominant themes in the current debate over childrenÆs rights in order to facilitate new paradigms and directions that could be effective in responding to this most important issue. This issue of The Annals deals with the various topics crucial in the discussion of childrenÆs rights around the world.
Coming of Age in the New Order

Jude L. Fernando
Children's Rights
Beyond the Impasse

Allison James and Adrian L. James
Toward a Theory of Continuity and Change

William E. Myers
The Right Rights?
Child Labor in a Globalizing World

Steven Hick and Edward Halpin
Children's Rights and the Internet
Sudharshan Canagarajah and Helena Skyt Nielsen
Child Labor in Africa
A Comparative Study

Jo de Berry
Child Soldiers and the Convention on the Rights of the Child
Steven Hick
The Political Ecomony of War-Affected Children
Kathleen McCreery
From Street to Stage with Children in Brazil and Ghana
R. Barri Flowers
The Sex Trade Industry's Worldwide Exploitation of Children
Geeta Chowdhry and Mark Beeman
Challenging Child Labor
Transnational Activism in India's Carpet Industry

Rachel Baker and Rachel Hinton
Approaches to Children's Work and Rights in Nepal
Saadia Toor
Child Labor in Pakistan

Jude L. Fernando