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Children as Victims

Children as Victims

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April 2008 | 192 pages | Learning Matters
This book highlights the problems, dilemmas and challenges facing the child protection agencies in England and Wales and tackles a variety of areas where knowledge on child abuse is either limited or out-of-date. Raising awareness of social, demographic, situational and environmental risk factors that may lead to the harming of children, it also looks at difficult cultural issues that sometimes get in the way of protecting children. Any professional working in, or studying, child protection will find this book an essential read.
Constructing childhood and child abuse
The wrong kind of victim? Children, young people and street crime
Parental use of alcohol and illicit drugs: A critical review of recent research
Making sense of sex offender abuse and the internet
Children as victims of crime
Child abuse in the religious context-the abuse of trust
Learning from mistakes –understanding police failure in child protection
Talking with children: constructing victim-hood or agency?
Child protection from a diverse inner-city primary school perspective
Minimising the risk to children and young people- the police response
Statutory social work processes involving children: prostitution and other areas of vulnerability
Concluding themes

An interesting book which is relevant to those who are working with children & young people. This book challenges views and notions of childhood and considers the impact of negative experiences on children.

Mrs Annie Ostapenko-Denton
Community Studies, Truro College
March 13, 2012

Peter Kennison

Peter Kennison has been a practitioner and an academic for over 35 years. He joined the Metropolitan Police in 1970 and, after a career spanning more than two decades, he served on five police divisions in north and east London, the Police Training School at Hendon and in the Complaints Investigation Branch (CIB3) at New Scotland Yard.His operational experience brought him into contact with children who were often victims, while others were offenders. As an insider, Peter is perfectly placed to consider the legal, institutional and social aspects of child protection. His further interests include policing and community safety. Peter is a... More About Author

Anthony Goodman

Anthony Goodman has been a practitioner and an academic for over 30 years. His first post as a probation officer included responsibility for liaising with a hostel for unstable drug addicts. He developed a continuing interest in this client group and now runs a Masters applied criminology programme at Middlesex University and also teaches in social work. More About Author