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Childhood Sexual Abuse

Childhood Sexual Abuse
An Evidence-Based Perspective

First Edition
  • Paul E. Mullen - Monash University, Clayton, Australia, Victorian Institute of Forensic Mental Health
  • David M. Fergusson - University of Otago, New Zealand, Christchurch School of Medicine, Univeristy of Otago, New Zealand

144 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
`In my opinion, this book is essential reading since there is no such similar work as recent or as succinct which covers these vital questions' - Counselling

`Represents a useful resource and summary of a great deal of research in the field of child sexual abuse' - Child Psychology & Psychiatry

This book critically reviews research into child sexual abuse (CSA), and provides a concise and clear guide to current knowledge.

The topics covered include: the prevalence of CSA; who molests children; the effects of such abuse, both immediate and long term; the risk factors for abuse; and the influences and interventions which may amplify, or ameliorate, the impact of CSA on the victim. Areas of debate such as the false memory syndrome are approached in terms of the research data which is relevant to their resolution.

A Historical Perspective
The Prevalence of Sexual Abuse during Childhood
Victims and Perpetrators
The Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse on Children
The Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse on Adults
Conclusions, Current Controversies and Future Directions

Paul E. Mullen

David M. Fergusson

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