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Child-Centred Nursing

Child-Centred Nursing
Promoting Critical Thinking

March 2014 | 192 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Child-Centred Nursing presents a unique approach by bringing children to the fore of the discussion about their health and health care. It encourages you to think critically about children, their families and contemporary practice issues. It promotes reflection on how you can develop innovative practice so as to improve children’s health outcomes and their experiences of health care.

Clinical case studies and critical thinking exercises are included in each chapter, creating and sustaining a clear link between professional practice, research and theory.

The book is essential reading for all pre-registration and post-graduate students studying children’s and young people’s health care.

Approaches to Nursing Children, Young People and their Families
Children’s and Young People’s Position and Participation in Society, Health Care and Research
Consulting and Informing Children and Young People
Children and Young People Having Choices and Making Health Decisions
How Settings Shape Children’s and Young People’s Care
Understanding Children’s and Young People’s Experiences of Illness
Examining Practice: Improving the Care of Children and Young People
Closing Thoughts: Celebrating Success and Aspiring for Better

As would be expected of a book by Bernie Carter and her team, this book is highlighted by insight, clarity and advocacy for children. The book’s pattern of providing a case scenario as a reference point for each discussion is a good one, as is the critical thinking exercise which accompanies each chapter. Carter is well known for her sensitivity and her insistence that children are their own agents, and this comes through strongly in the book. The book benefits from the range of authors who are able to bring perspectives from across a wide spectrum. I would recommend the book highly to children’s and young people’s nurses, students of paediatrics, and other health professionals who are interested in the wellbeing of children across all health care and research settings. It will also be good for children and parents who want an insight into what is needed when a child is using a health service of any kind.

Linda Shields, Professor of Nursing
James Cook University, Australia

I love the passionate way in which this book inspires the reader to take an active critical thinking approach to explore and challenge the current key concepts in children's nursing.’

Lisa Abbott, Child Nursing Field Lead, Birmingham City University

Essential reading for any children’s nurse in practice or education, this book reviews the development of key principles underpinning the care of children and their families beyond family centred care, to re-focus attention on the child, within the context of their family. Its authoritative analysis, embedded case studies and critical thinking challenges make this very readable text a valuable contribution to professional development.

Dr Sarah Neill, Associate Professor in Children’s Nursing, University of Northampton

This is a thought provoking comprehensive publication that encourages the reader to explore and critically appraise key elements of child centred nursing.

Alison Warren, Lecturer Practitioner, Clinical Skills and Simulation (Child Health), Birmingham City University

At this time of transition and flux within health and social care, this timely book encourages children’s nurses to reflect on their practice, to challenge existing understanding, beliefs and roles and strive for the best services that enable the child to achieve their ‘potential’. 

Nathalie Turville, Senior Lecturer, Birmingham City University

Child Centred Nursing approaches the complex, multi-faceted task of nursing children, young people and their families from the perspective of children as their own agents. Discussions include children’s position in society and how that frames the way they are involved in health care and decision making,  children’s right to participate, be informed and make choices and how the places, spaces and technologies of care impact on their experience of illness.

Book Me
The Lamp

This book focuses on the core principles that underpin practice and the broad theories and concepts that inform and shape the practice of nurses working with children. It provides clinical information and insights in a concise, structured and informative way that encourages critical thinking to assist and support the reader in obtaining the knowledge required and skills needed to nurse and advocate for children today. [...] This textbook would be beneficial to pre-registration and post-graduate students studying health care for children and young people.

Kim Shrieves, Band 6 Paediatric Research Nurse
Nursing Times

This is an excellent resource for students

Mr Rohit Sagoo
Health & Social Care (Cambridge), Anglia Ruskin University
October 31, 2019

Well set out book, one of the only ones i have found that focuses on child nursing in a way which encourages practitioners to reflect on what they are doing.

Mrs Claire Carkin
Healthcare, Nursing & Social Work, City College Norwich
November 13, 2018

Very useful book - requested copies for library - but too specific for undergraduate course to have as required text
Well written and easy to read

Miss Kirsten Gunn
Nursing, Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology
February 24, 2016

Bernie Carter

Bernie Carter is Professor of Children’s Nursing at the University of Central Lancashire and Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust in the United Kingdom. She is a Clinical Professor at the University of Tasmania and Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Child Health Care. She was made a Fellow of the Royal College of Nursing in recognition of her contributions to the field of children’s pain.Bernie’s research and writing focuses on children’s pain experiences and the assessment of children’s pain. She is particularly interested in improving the lives of children with complex health care needs and life limiting/threatening illness. Bernie... More About Author

Lucy Bray

Lucy Bray is a Reader at Edge Hill University and Alder Hey Children's NHS Foundation Trust, UK.  More About Author

Annette Dickinson

Annette Dickinson is a Senior Lecturer at AUT University, New Zealand.  More About Author

Maria Edwards

Maria Edwards is a Research Sister at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, UK.  More About Author

Karen Ford

Karen Ford is an Assistant Director of Nursing at the Royal Hobart Hospital, and a Clinical Senior Lecturer, University of Tasmania, Australia.  More About Author

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