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Child-Centred Education

Child-Centred Education
Reviving the Creative Tradition

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Foundations of Education

October 2007 | 160 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
"Tracing the concept of child-centered education back to the Enlightenment, the authors provide a fascinating, and informative history of educational theory and practice...The book is brief, accessible, and inspiring."

Against an increasingly authoritarian background of testing and instruction, concern is growing about disengagement and loss of depth and quality in education at all levels. Child Centred Education seeks to explore the role of elementary education within this debate.

This book inspires teachers seeking to make their practice more genuinely educational. Authors Christine Doddington and Mary Hilton capture the current opinion that elementary schools can begin to reclaim some of their autonomy, be innovative, and become more creative. Based on wide ranging research, the book sets out to revive the creative alternative to the rigid and impoverished learning experienced by too many elementary school children. The authors trace the origins and history of the child-centered tradition; set out its fundamental beliefs and values; and explore its place in education today.

This book is for teachers, school districts, undergraduate and graduate teacher education, and professional development courses.
PART I - The Child-Centred Legacy
CHAPTER 1 The Origins of Child-centred Education

CHAPTER 2 Contrasting Visions, Contrasting Lives

CHAPTER 3 Plowden and Beyond

PART II - Fundamental Values
CHAPTER 4 The 'Whole Child' as a Person

CHAPTER 5 Making Sense: the importance of meaning and coherence

CHAPTER 6 Interdependence: the need for others

PART III - The Road to Change
CHAPTER 7 Teachers and Children


Christine Doddington

Mary Hilton

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