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Change Management

Change Management
A Guide to Effective Implementation

Third Edition

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Change Management

440 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Guiding readers through the technological, organizational and people-oriented strategies that managers use to implement change, the Third Edition has been revised to cover power, politics, culture and gender. The authors have also added international case studies that set change management within the context of globalization.

The text provides readers with frameworks for applying different models of change to different scenarios; offers proactive approaches to change that relate to business performance and gives practical, step-by-step guidance on handling change.

The Nature of Change
Change and the Manager
Managing Change from a Gender Perspective
Mapping Change
The Systems Approach to Change
Cases in Intervention
Total Project Management
Competing Narratives
People Management
Organizations Can Develop
The Objective Outsider
Organizational Politics and Change
The Learning Organization
Managing Knowledge and Change
an IBM Case Study

A Case Study in Business Growth
Change at Smokies

Intervention Cases
Organizational Development Cases


Change Management is my best recommendation to support topics of strategical change for the digital transformation of software-supplemented products and services.

Professor Alfred Zimmermann
Faculty of Informatics, Reutlingen University of Applied Sci
August 21, 2015

An excellent text that offers a range of strategies to manage and implement change in the workplace. Using case studies further adds to the credibility of approaches used that can be applied in different contexts.

Dr Jayne Marshall
Faculty of Health & Social Care Scienc, St George's, University of London
November 10, 2014

A great read with practical ideas, very useful regarding change management.

Mr Robert Freund
Learning & Development , Northamptonshire Healthcare Foundation NHS Trust
March 20, 2014

Really engaging book to read with some great examples. Very good book.

Mr Alan Searle
Psychology , Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education
November 5, 2013

extreamly useful for level 5 and level 6 business studies.

Mrs Janine Crowther
Higher Education, Darlington College
March 26, 2013

Useful text for students of change management or those required to either propose or implement a change management project as part of their course work.

Ms Deborah Taylor
Nursing, University of West London
March 26, 2013

Although there are some significant chapters, there are more relevant books available

Mrs Adele Nightingale
Faculty of Health (Liverpool), Edge Hill University
October 15, 2012

the book suggested to add "Pro-change and Anti-change behaviours"

what is the effect of organizational Justice and Identification in change management.

Mr Muhammad Abu Amra
Electronics and Automated Control, Gaza Training Centre
June 3, 2012

Change Management – Paton & McCalman
This book gives a very practical guide to the implementation and management of change. The book is set out in four distinct parts. Part one introduces change management, its nature, management & gender implications and mapping change. Part two discusses intervention strategies. Part three looks at the organisation development model, while in part four several practical cases are discussed in detail. Overall the book takes a very practical approach to the management of change and, as mentioned by Rodrigues in the foreword ”the focus very firmly remains on the nuts and bolts of organisational change”.

Mr Frank Keane
Department of Humanities, Institute of Technology Carlow
July 20, 2011

Most appropriate for course - well developed and thought out

Mr Hartley Hutchins
Business Mgmt Economics Dept, Suny Empire State College - Frontier
May 14, 2011

Revised to include power and politics, culture and gender, the authors have also added international case studies that set change management within the context of globalization

Robert A Paton

Professor Robert A. Paton is the Director of Graduate Studies, Adam Smith Business School, and a Deputy Dean, College of Social Sciences, at the University of Glasgow, UK.  More About Author

James McCalman

Professor James McCalman is the Head of the Centre for Strategy and Leadership at the University of Portsmouth, UK.  More About Author

Also available as a South Asia Edition.