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Change Leadership

Change Leadership

Three Volume Set
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May 2015 | 1 024 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

The external environment is increasingly exerting influence on the internal operations of organizations. Organizations need to be able to continuously adapt and change, and organizational leaders and managers need to be aware of trends, crises, and evolutions in the environments in which they function. In response to these increasing demands, the field of change leadership has evolved beyond traditional theoretical perspectives to include chaos, nonlinear, and complex systems theories. This three-volume major work serves to outline the parameters of the field today and offer readers an understanding of the key philosophic and practical questions in change leadership.

Including a wide range of literature, the editors, Colette Dumas and Richard H. Beinecke, offer both breadth and depth of knowledge of effective change leadership theory and practice.

Volume I:  Theoretical Foundations of Change Leadership
Volume II:  Change Leadership: Research and Theory 
Volume III: The Emerging Edge of Change Leadership



Managing the Human Side of Change

Rosabeth Moss Kantor
Organizational Frame Bending: Principles for Managing Reorientation

David Nadler and Michael Tushman
Leading Change: Why Transformation Efforts Fail

John Kotter
Kurt Lewin’s Change Theory in the Field and in the Classroom: Notes toward a Model of Managed Learning

Edgar Schein
Organizational Change: A Review of Theory and Research in the 1990s

Achilles Armenakis and Arthur Bedeian
Strategic Change Leadership

Fiona Graetz
Leading Organizational Change

John Moran and Baird Brightman
Studying Organizational Change and Development: Challenges for Future Research

Andrew Pettigrew, Richard Woodman and Kim Cameron
A Survival Guide for Leaders

Ronald Heifetz and Marty Linsky
Change Management — or Change Leadership?

Roger Gill
From Leaders to Leadership: Managing Change

Mark Ahn, John Adamson and Daniel Dornbusch
Organisational Change Management: A Critical Review

Rune Todnem By
The Crucial Role of Leadership in Meeting the Challenges of Change

Beverly Alimo-Metcalfe and John Alban-Metcalfe
All Changes Great and Small: Exploring Approaches to Change and Its Leadership

Malcolm Higgs and Deborah Rowland
Organizational Change and Characteristics of Leadership Effectiveness

Ann Gilley, Heather McMillan and Jerry Gilley
Lessons from Leadership Theory and the Contemporary Challenges of Leaders

Montgomery Van Wart
Prompting the Transformation of Public Organizations

Paul Nutt
A Response to ‘Prompting the Transformation of Public Organizations’

Hal Rainey and Sergio Fernandez
Organizational De-Development

Paul Nutt
Kurt Lewin and Complexity Theories: Back to the Future?

Bernard Burnes
Complexity Theories and Organizational Change

Bernard Burnes
What Does It Take to Implement Change Successfully? A Study of the Behaviors of Successful Change Leaders

Malcolm Higgs and Deborah Rowland
Successful Change Leaders: What Makes Them? What Do They Do that Is Different?

David Miller
Bringing Humility to Leadership: Antecedents and Consequences of Leader Humility

J. Andrew Morris, Céleste Brotheridge and John Urbanski
Transforming Organisations for Organic Growth: The DNA of Change Leadership

Tom Karp
Building a Climate for Innovation through Transformational Leadership and Organizational Culture

James Sarros, Brian Cooper and Joseph Santora
Culture and Organization Theory

Calvin Morrill
Getting to the Roots of Change: Performance Management and Organizational Culture

M. Bryna Sanger
Organizational Change: A Critical Challenge for Team Effectiveness

Elisabeth Goodman and Lucy Loh
Linking Change Drivers and the Organizational Change Process: A Review and Synthesis

Karen Whelan-Berry and Karen Somerville
No Going Back: A Review of the Literature on Sustaining Organizational Change

David Buchanan et al.
Building a Change Capability at Capital One Financial

Christopher Worley and Edward Lawler
From Change Management to Change Leadership: Embracing Chaotic Change in Public Service Organizations

Tom Karp and Thomas Helgo
Public Sector Leadership: New Perspectives for Research and Practice

Davide Christian Orazi, Alex Turrini and Giovani Valotti
The past, present and future of organization development: Taking the long view

B. Burnes and B. Cooke
Systems Thinking, Organizational Change and Agency: A Practice Theory Critique of Senge’s Learning Organization

Raymond Caldwell
Managing Successful Organizational Change in the Public Sector

Sergio Fernandez and Hal Rainey
Under What Conditions Do Public Managers Favor and Pursue Organizational Change?

Sergio Fernandez and David Pitts`
Motivated to Adapt? The Role of Public Service Motivation as Employees Face Organizational Change

Bradley Wright, Robert Christensen and Kimberley Roussin Isett
Understanding Organizational Reality: Concepts for the Change Leader

Keith Owen and A. Steven Dietz
Strategic Leadership: Values, Styles, and Organizational Performance

Suzanne Carter and Charles Greer
From Leadership-as-Practice to Leaderful Practice

Joe Raelin
Towards a Theory of Being-Centered Leadership: Multiple Levels of Being as Context for Effective Leadership

Louis Fry and Mark Kriger
“Trans-+-Form”: Leader- and Followership as an Embodied Emotional and Aesthetic Practice for Creative Transformation in Organisations

Wendelin Keupers
Leadership as Art — Leaders Coming to Their Senses

Claus Springborg
Exploring the Connections among Adaptive Leadership, Facets of Imagination and Social Imaginaries

Max Stephenson, Jr

Colette Dumas

Richard H. Beinecke

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