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Change for the Better

Change for the Better
Personal development through practical psychotherapy

Fifth Edition
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August 2017 | 312 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This bestselling book has helped thousands of people find ways of dealing with everyday emotional difficulties, and also supported practitioners and trainee psychotherapists in their work with patients. This fifth edition features up-to- date thinking and practice from Cognitive Analytic Psychotherapy and includes new content on:

·       Trauma and Complex Trauma

·       Mindfulness

·       Relational mapping

·       Group Work.

Further updates include a new foreword, updated references, and new chapter summaries and conclusions.


Foreword by Dr Jason Hepple
About Cognitive Analytic Therapy
About Mindfulness
Part One Change is possible
1 Why change? What is it that changes? How to begin the process of change
Part Two The Building Blocks of Who We Are
Feelings, emotions and relationships: with ourselves and others

2 Understanding relating and core emotional pain
3 Problems and dilemmas within relationships
Part Three Getting Off the Symptom Hook
4 Traps
5 Dilemmas
6 Snags and self-sabotage
Part Four: The Tip of the Emotional Iceberg
7 Unbearable and unmanageable feelings
8 How unmanageable feelings and beliefs become symptoms
Part Five The Emotional Roller-Coaster
9 Shifting emotional states and trauma
Part Six Gathering Information
10 Examining the impact of our beginnings
Part Seven Making the Change
11 Writing our life story
12 Targeting the procedures that create problems and deciding on aims for change
13 Maps and diagrams
14 Techniques for working through the process of change, and how to hold on to change
Part Eight Changing within a Relationship
15 Love is not enough
Part Nine Resources for Students and Therapists and for Co-counsellors
18 The theory and practice of CAT

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Mr Maninder Bains
WALDEN, Walden The Roots
October 25, 2021

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 1 - Change is Possible

Elizabeth Wilde McCormick

Elizabeth Wilde McCormick has been in practice as a psychotherapist for over thirty years in different NHS and private settings. Her background is in social psychiatry, humanistic and transpersonal psychology, sensorimotor psychotherapy and cognitive analytic therapy. She is a founder member of the Association for Cognitive Analytic Therapy and the author of a number of self help books, in particular Change For The better, Living On the Edge and, with Nigel Wellings, Nothing to Lose. In the last ten years she has developed a particular interest in the practice of mindfulness and its contribution to psychotherapy. More About Author

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