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Cases in the Environment of Business

Cases in the Environment of Business
International Perspectives

First Edition
  • David W Conklin - Thunderbird, The Garvin Graduate School of International Management

January 2008 | 624 pages | SAGE South Asia
Cases in the Environment of Business offers an outstanding collection of relevant, classroom-tested cases. In discussing the cases, students participate in managerial decisions in an international context. Most cases deal with a variety of environmental forces, but generally a single set of forces plays a predominant role. In view of this, the cases are divided in accordance with the following themes:
- Industry structure: responses to strategies of customers, suppliers and competitors, dependence of profitability on unique value-added attributes, and the shift of certain activities to low-wage countries
- Macroeconomic variables: income levels and growth rates, foreign exchange rates, inflation rates, interest rates, and unemployment rates
- Political variables: regulations, financial incentives, taxation, foreign investment restrictions, and international trade and investment agreements
- Societal variables: labour and environmental practices, ethics, corporate social responsibility, Boards of Directors, and demographics
- Technological variables: technological infrastructure and the pace and direction of technological changes, including in particular the Internet and e-business
Paul W. Beamish
Introduction to the Ivey Casebook Series PAUL W BEAMISH
PharmaPlus in Hungary
Singapore International Air Lines: Preparing for Turbulence Ahead
Swatch and the Global Watch Industry
Whirlpool Corporation's Global Strategy
Wal-Mart Stores Inc.: Dominating Global Retailing
The Global Branding of Stella Artois
UNDERSTANDING AND MANAGING MACROECONOMIC RISKS: A Global Manager`s Guide to Currency Risk Management
Chauvco Resources Ltd: The Argentina Decisions
Crisis in Japan
Procter & Gamble in Eastern Europe (A)
Bank Vozrozhdeniye (V.Bank)
ING and Global Financial Integration
MANAGING WITHIN ALTERNATIVE GOVERNMENT STRUCTURES: Mekong Corporation and the Viet Nam Motor Vehicle Industry
Thai Telecoms in the New Economy: Privatization & Liberalization
Lucent in India
Citigroup in Post-WTO China
Point Lisas Industrial Estate: Trinidad
Dell's Dilemma in Brazil: Negotiating at the State Level
Enron and the Dabhol Power Company
Bombardier Versus Embraer: Charges of Unfair Competition
RESPONDING TO SOCIETAL FORCES: John McCulloch--United Beef Packers
NES China: Business Ethics (A)
NES China: Business Ethics (B)
Textron Ltd.
Note on the Pollution Problem in the Mexico-U.S. Border Region
Planet Starbucks (A)
Siam Canadian Foods Co., Ltd.
Royal Trustco
INVESTMENT DECISIONS IN THE CONTEXT OF TECHNOLOGICAL CHANGES: Privatizing Poland`s Telecom Industry: Opportunities and Challenges in the New Economy and E-Business
Malaysia's Multimedia Development Corporation
Global Warming and the Kyoto Protocol: Implications for Business
Enron Wind Corporation: Challenges and Opportunities in the 21st Century
Eurograin (Philippines) and Hybrid Corn
Shire Pharmaceuticals Group`s Acquisition of BioChem Pharma: Broadening Product Portfolio and Achieving Economies of Scale in Pharmaceuticals
Intel's Site Selection Decision in Latin America
The Acer Group's China Manufacturing Decision

"Conklin has compiled an excellent selection from the case library of the Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario, the world’s second-largest collection of business cases written by professors. . . . Cases are clearly written with tables, graphs, income statements, balance sheets, and suggested readings within most cases. . . . Highly recommended."

D.W. Huffmire
Emritus, University of Connecticut

"The highlight of the book is its diversity and breadth. The cases are chosen from a variety of industries . . . The key differentiating features of this book are the holistic perspective that it provides on the business environment and the different country contexts that it presents."

Tillai Rajan A.
Institute of Technology Madras

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David W. Conklin

David Conklin is the James D. Fleck Professor in International Business at the Richard Ivey School of Business, London, Canada. He earned a PhD in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  His research and teaching interests include the global environment of business, trade agreements, international competitiveness, and public policy.  He has designed several university courses dealing with international business, including a macroeconomics course that analyzes the challenges and policy options faced by countries throughout the world, and the implications for trade and investment decisions.  He has also... More About Author


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