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Cases in Organizational Behaviour

Cases in Organizational Behaviour
Perspectives from the New-Gen Workplace

First Edition
  • Mathew J. Manimala - Former Professor and Chairperson, OB-HRM Area, Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bangalore, India
  • V. Vijaya - Faculty, Indian Institute of Management Tiruchirappalli
  • Ajit Chakravarti - Chairman and Founder Director, Mindware Management Services Pvt. Ltd.
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December 2018 | 504 pages | SAGE Texts

New-gen organizations are different in their design, structure, culture and processes; new-gen employees are different in their attitudes, aspirations and behaviour—they need to be managed differently.

With the development of new-gen organizations and the emergence of new-gen professionals, there is a need to document the behavioural issues and concerns of these workplaces. Cases in Organizational Behaviour presents 120 cases from the new-gen workplace that provide the readers insights into ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’ facets of the corporate lives of new-gen professionals. Based on real-life work experiences of corporate executives working with indigenous or multinational organizations operating in India, these cases address a variety of issues faced by professionals in new-gen organizations and their behavioural implications at the workplace.

Key Features

• 120 cases, classified under 10 major sub-themes of organizational behaviour (OB), covering as many as 18 professional sectors

• Ideal for educating and training students aspiring to be part of new-gen organizations and employees already working with them

• A general introduction along with abstracts and discussion questions for each case, to assist instructors and participants
Foreword by Pradip N. Khandwalla
Part I : Organizational Behaviour: Concepts, Methods and the Importance of Case-based Teaching and Learning
Introduction: OB as a Discipline
The Cases and the Subthemes: An Overview of the Concepts and Issues
PART II: Abstracts, Cases and Questions
Theme I: Personality
1.1 Case: Turbulence of the Taciturn
1.2 Case: Speed Thrills but Kills
1.3 Case: The Boss and the Beautiful
1.4 Case: The Frightened Soul
1.5 Case: Friendly Fire
1.6 Case: Taming the Workhorse
1.7 Case: The Greener Pasture
1.8 Case: A Quarrelsome Triad
1.9 Case: The Litmus Test
1.10 Case: Incorrigible Jack
1.11 Case: The Thorny Rose
1.12 Case: The Silent Revolt
Theme II: Perception and Communication
2.1 Case: Heart to Heart!
2.2 Case: Unfair Appraisal
2.3 Case: Disastrous Delegation
2.4 Case: Survival of the Unfit
2.5 Case: The Broken Promise
2.6 Case: Crash of the High Flyer
2.7 Case: The Step into Quicksand
2.8 Case: The Tyranny of the New Boss
2.9 Case: A Perplexing Situation
2.10 Case: In Search of a Mentor
Theme III: Attitudes and Values
3.1 Case: In the Name of Recognition
3.2 Case: Pursuit of Personal Goals
3.3 Case: The Bad Apple
3.4 Case: The Playboy
3.5 Case: Value for Whom?
3.6 Case: To Be Or Not To Be?
3.7 Case: Rusted Iron
3.8 Case: A Hobson’s Choice
3.9 Case: The Diligent New Entrant
3.10 Case: Mending Fences
3.11 Case: Gripped by Fear
3.12 Case: Troubles Galore
3.13 Case: Times Have Changed
Theme IV: Leadership
4.1 Case: Back to Square One
4.2 Case: ‘Dev, the Devil’
4.3 Case: Could There Be a Silver Lining?
4.4 Case: The Great Let Down
4.5 Case: Protector or Predator
4.6 Case: The New Manager with a New Style
4.7 Case: An Imbroglio
4.8 Case: The Aftermath
4.9 Case: All Is Well That Ends Well?
4.10 Case: A Battle for Survival
4.11 Case: A Team in Disarray
4.12 Case: Wielding the Stick
4.13 Case: Walking the Tight Rope
Theme V: Power and Politics
5.1 Case: Games Managers Play
5.2 Case: The American Dream
5.3 Case: The Rat Race
5.4 Case: The Unresponsive Boss
5.5 Case: Unrewarded Performers
5.6 Case: The Boss of Lies
5.7 Case: Blow Your Trumpet
5.8 Case: Good Work, Bad Luck
5.9 Case: Algorithm for Career Success
5.10 Case: Confronting the Corrupt
5.11 Case: The Partisan Politics
5.12 Case: The Fading Melody
Theme VI: Jobs and Roles
6.1 Case: Victim of Friendship
6.2 Case: Perils of Performance
6.3 Case: Doing More with Less
6.4 Case: Collegial Boss
6.5 Case: Fickle Fortune
6.6 Case: Achiever’s Curse
6.7 Case: Appraisal Blues
6.8 Case: Etch Or Erase
6.9 Case: Square Peg in a Round Hole
6.10 Case: Misfit for the New Role
6.11 Case: Shocks at Shock Electricals
6.12 Case: Double Trouble
6.13 Case: Siya’s Predicament
Theme VII: Conflict and Collaboration
7.1 Case: Management of Convenience
7.2 Case: Two Sides of the Coin
7.3 Case: Stealing Credits
7.4 Case: No Respite In Sight
7.5 Case: At the Crossroads
7.6 Case: A Tough Call
7.7 Case: No Way Out
7.8 Case: Saga of the Merged Team
7.9 Case: Deep in Quandary
7.10 Case: Irreconcilable Differences
Theme VIII: Group and Team Dynamics
8.1 Case: The Wolf and the Lamb
8.2 Case: The Boss’s Favourite!
8.3 Case: The Fun Team
8.4 Case: Trekking with the Team
8.5 Case: A Tall Man in Lilliput
8.6 Case: The Blame Game!
8.7 Case: Instant Stars
8.8 Case: The Silent Rebellion
8.9 Case: Different Rules for Different People
8.10 Case: An Unpleasant Episode
8.11 Case: Heydays Bygone!
8.12 Case: Musical Chair
Theme IX: Culture and Diversity
9.1 Case: In the Name of Protection
9.2 Case: On the Horns of a Dilemma
9.3 Case: In Search of a Rescue Plan
9.4 Case: Colliding Cultures
9.5 Case: Silence of the Lamb
9.6 Case: Birds of the Same Feather
9.7 Case: Sense and Sensitivity
9.8 Case: The Unchanging Season
9.9 Case: Different Strokes for Different Folks
9.10 Case: Pursuit of Passion
9.11 Case: Nowhere to Escape
9.12 Case: The Achievement Problem
9.13 Case: Volks Services Company
Theme X: Managing Change
10.1 Case: A Tough Battle
10.2 Case: Skeptics and Converts
10.3 Case: Time for Change
10.4 Case: Client Is King
10.5 Case: Thorn in the Flesh
10.6 Case: You Can’t Have the Cake and Eat It Too
10.7 Case: Metrics and Standards of Quality
10.8 Case: Heads I Win,Tails You Lose
10.9 Case: The Fading Spark
10.10 Case: The Erratic Entrepreneur
10.11 Case: Great Expectations
10.12 Case: The Lingering Doubt
Theme Index
Case Index
Subject Index


Cases in Organizational Behavior: Perspectives from the New-Gen Workplace’ is an amazing book for reasons more than one. First, this is a book not on the traditional workplace, rather the New-gen organizations which are different in their design, structure, culture, and processes. Much in the same way, new-gen employees are different in their attitudes, aspirations, and behavior. Obviously, they need to be managed in a different way.

The second reason why this volume is useful is that the author trio has vast experience in the subject. Their perception and familiarity are well-acknowledged in the field.”

Odisha plus, 4th September 2019

Mathew J. Manimala

Mathew J. Manimala (MBA, Cochin; MBSc., Manchester; and Fellow IIMA) has had an illustrious academic career spanning over three decades. His last position was as the Director of Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship (XIME), Bangalore. Prior to joining XIME in July 2015, he was Professor of Organization Behaviour and Chairperson of OB-HRM area at IIMB, where he has also served as the Jamuna Raghavan Chair Professor of Entrepreneurship and as the Chairperson of N. S. Raghavan Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (NSRCEL). His earlier academic positions were at the Administrative Staff College of... More About Author

V. Vijaya

V. Vijaya is the Associate Professor at Indian Institute of Management Tiruchirappalli since 2013. She is a Clinical Psychologist trained in organizational psychology, psychometry and research methods. She had completed MPhil in clinical psychology from the University of Madras and completed her doctoral programme in HRM from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras in 2000. She has been teaching psychology, organizational behaviour and HRM, including courses on organization theory and practice, organizational behaviour, organization development and change, learning and development, performance management and... More About Author

Ajit Chakravarti

Ajit Chakravarti is Chairman and Founder Director of Mindware Management Services Pvt. Ltd. He is a BTech from IITK (1972) and holds a postgraduate qualification (1974) in business management from IIM Calcutta. He has held several senior management positions in HCL (corporate personnel manager, 1974– 1980), Hawkins Cooker Ltd. (factory personnel manager, 1980–1983) and Asian Paints (head of corporate HR function, 1984–1987). He has also had a five-year stint, from 1987 to 1993, as an independent management consultant and behavioural trainer based at Bombay, with a client list comprising of a number of blue... More About Author

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