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Cases in Marketing

Cases in Marketing

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The rich collection of case studies in Cases in Marketing highlights key marketing issues in a context characterized by diversity of markets, competitors, and consumers. Some cases draw on students' ability to think synthetically in dealing with broader strategic issues such as global standardization versus customization, managing the globalization process, internationalization strategies, dealing with international market entrants, rapid change in industries due to global developments, and international marketing. Others draw on students' analytic skills in dealing with issues of a more tactical nature such as market and competitor analysis for international marketing strategy, the collection and use of data in market research, evaluating communication effectiveness, and multifactor portfolio analysis. Together they provide a detailed insight into the practice of marketing across national borders and cultures. This book is a valuable resource for all students of marketing, international marketing, and international business in the United States and Europe.
Hanne Hartvig Larsen
Pamela Adams
Illy in Germany
Renewal of Distribution Agreements

Bjarne Bakka
Norsk Hydro Fertilizers in the United States
Entering a Highly Competitive Market

Case A: 1970-75

Case B: 1980-95

Christian Belz, Thomas Rudolph and Hermann Schindler
The Price-Active Market Entry into Switzerland

Per Andersson, Staffan Hult[ac]en and Bengt G M[um]olleryd
Mobile Telephone Network Operators
Adapting to Rapid Changes in the Market

Axel Faix, Susanne Schwamborn-Epple and Richard K[um]ohler
Dealing with a Subsidiary in Crisis

Bernard Dubois
Collective de l'Or
Evaluating an Advertising Campaign

Jean-Jacques Lambin and Inge Vanfraechem
Honeywell in Saint-Petersburg
Establishing a Market Strategy

Josef A Mazanec
International Tourism Marketing
A Multifactor Portfolio Model

Celia Phillips
Guardian Properties
The Management of a Local and International Shopping Centre

Jean-Jacques Lambin
Godiva Europe
The Standardization versus Customization Dilemma

Ron J H Meyer and Ad Th Pruyn
Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide
Does a `Global Marketing' Concept Make Sense?


Stig Hartmann

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