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Cases in Leadership

Cases in Leadership

Third Edition
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528 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Richard Ivey School of Business and SAGE have come together again to provide a distinctive collection of real-world leadership cases Cases in Leadership, Third Edition is a unique collection of 32 real-world leadership cases from Ivey Publishing plus 16 practitioner readings from the Ivey Business Journal. The updated casebook helps business students gain a better understanding of leadership and enables them to be more effective leaders through their careers. Each of the selected cases are about complex leadership issues that require the attention of the decision maker. This casebook provides an invaluable supplement to any standard leadership text by connecting theory to actual cases. However, it has been organized to work especially well in conjunction with the Sixth Edition of Peter NorthouseÆs Leadership: Theory and Practice.
Introduction to the SAGE-Ivey Casebook Series
1. Leadership: What Is It?
Adcock Ingram: Decisions and Motives That Steer Acquisitions

Dickinson College: Inspiration for a Leadership Story (In the Vision of a Founding Father)

Great Leadership Is Good Leadership

2. Leadership Trait Approach
A New Executive Director

The Ciputra Group: Shaping the City in Asia

The Character of Leadership

3. Leadership Skills Approach
Coaching for Exceptional Performance Workshop

Performance Coaching: Darcy Gallagher Role

Train Dogs, Develop Leaders

4. Leader Style Approach
Scarborough YMCA: Getting Back on Track

Consultancy Development Organization

Navigating Through Leadership Transitions: Making It Past the Twists and Turns

5. The Situational Approach to Leadership
Conflict Management at TKC Consulting

A Bomb in Your Pocket? Crisis Leadership at Nokia India (A)

Just Ask Leadership: Why Great Managers Always Ask the Right Questions

6. The Contingency Theory of Leadership
New York Bakery (A)

Transkin Income Fund: Leading Entrepreneurial Teams

Why Emotional Intelligence is Not Essential for Leadership

7. The Path-Goal Theory of Leadership
General Electric: From Jack Welch to Jeffrey Immelt

Please Stop Working So Hard!

Learning Goals or Performance Goals: Is It the Journey or the Destination?

8. The Leader-Member Exchange Theory of Leadership
Carnegie Industrial: The Leadership Development Centre

Schulich School of Medicine: Enhancing and Developing a High-Performance Culture

On Leadership: Leadership and Loyalty

9. Transformational Leadership
Douglas Fine Foods

Spar Applied Systems--Anna's Challenge

Culture-Driven Leadership

10. Servant Leadership
Veja: Sneakers With a Conscience

J.-Robert Ouimet and Tomasso Corporation

Servant-Leaders Are the Best Leaders During Times of Change

11. Authentic Leadership
Goedehoop: When Social Issues Become Strategic

Organization, Founder and Clientele Transformation at VGKK

Compelling Visions: Content, Context, Credibility and Collaboration

12. Team Leadership
The Lithium Fire

Chuck MacKinnon

X-Teams: New Ways of Leading in a New World

13. Strategic Leadership
Strategic Leadership at Coca-Cola: The Real Thing

Maple Leaf Foods, Inc.: The Listeriosis Crisis

Strategic Leadership: Short-Term Stability and Long-Term Viability

14. Women and Leadership
The Bank of Montreal--The Task Force on the Advancement of Women in the Bank (A)


Canadian Women Entrepreneurs: Pioneers of New Frontiers

15. Culture and Leadership
Tata: Leadership With Trust

Hebei Dawu Group: Building the First Family Business Constitution in China

Doing Business in India: Caveat Venditor

16. Ethical Leadership
Lee and Li, Attorneys-at-Law, and the Embezzlement of NT$3 Billion by Eddie Liu (A)

A Non-Traditional Female Entrepreneur (C)

Principled Leadership: Taking the Hard Right

About the Editors

I like the global approach to presenting leadership, as well as the collection of cases available. It is well written, and lends itself easy to generate engagement within the classroom.

Redmond Humphrey
Upper Iowa University

Presented five cases contained in this book to the class. Students' task was to solve the cases. Feedback hereafter: Solving cases made fun and brought valuable perspectives on the topic of leadership.
I liked that most cases were appropriate for students of psychology who do not have business classes.
Book was well structured and I really liked that the cases referred each to one leadership theory - this is hard to find.

Ms Agnieszka Paruzel
Faculty of Psychology & Sport Science, University of Bielefeld
January 30, 2015

Used Northouses Leadership in a previous class

Dr Patricia Galdeen
Business Division, Defiance College
December 10, 2014

Opportunity to apply theory and concepts, used in conjunction with Northouse Leadership Book (Students will purchase the bundle package)

Ms Janet Nelson
Business Administration Dept, Univ Of So Maine-Portland
December 1, 2014

Not approved by chair.

Professor Rose Davilmar
ACE, Barry University-Miami
November 27, 2014

A very user-friendly book that provides good contextual backgrounds for the application of leadership theories

Dr Abdoulie Sallah
Business School, Staffordshire University
November 13, 2014

Excellent variety of cases from which to select

Mr Ivan Blum
General Studies, Univ Of Connecticut-Stamford
September 6, 2014

Excellent partner with the Northouse book

Dr Jill Rucker
Agri Leadership Ed Comm Dept, University Of Georgia
January 9, 2014

Fit with goals of class and match with Northouse's book.

Dr Tomas Giberson
Human Rsrc Development Dept, Oakland University
January 6, 2014

Good selection of cases with clear theoretical backgrounds to analyse the cases.
Sufficient attention to international and cross-cultural contexts
Very good case book that can be used in its own right without an accompanying theory text.

Professor Soo Hee Lee
Kent Buisness School, University of Kent
November 29, 2012

Sample Materials & Chapters


CHP 12

CHP 16

W. Glenn Rowe

W. Glenn Rowe served in the Canadian Navy for 22 years. While still in the navy, he completed his MBA degree at Memorial University of Newfoundland part-time (1983-1986) and taught on a part-time basis for 2 years (1986-1988) in Memorial’s Faculty of Business Administration. In 1990, he retired from the navy and became a full-time lecturer in the Faculty of Business Administration at Memorial. In 1992, he began studying leadership within the context of strategic management at Texas A&M University, where he completed his PhD in 1996. He rejoined the Faculty of Business Administration at Memorial in September 1995, where he taught... More About Author

Laura Guerrero

Laura Guerrero is an Assistant Professor of Management in the College of Business at the University of Houston. More About Author

Also available as a South Asia Edition.