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Cases in Innovative Nonprofits

Cases in Innovative Nonprofits
Organizations That Make a Difference

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December 2014 | 336 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Cases in Innovative Nonprofits provides you with current comparative case studies of innovative non-profit organizations that are meeting the needs of humanity around the world. It provides inspiring examples of social entrepreneurs who have instituted new services to meet the needs of both new and long standing social problems. Each case features either an unidentified need and its successful response, or an existing need that was tackled in a unique and innovative manner.


By using a simple, identical format for each case, this text facilitates your learning through comparative review, providing a deeper understanding about the complexity and steps required to achieve non-profit social innovation.



  • Each case is based on a common outline that allows you to easily navigate them and make comparisons
  • Concluding “Lessons Learned” chapter provides a summary of the themes that emerge from the cases and gives you an outline of the practical dimensions involved in carrying out non-profit innovations
  • A broad array of non-profit innovations from around the world provides a balanced picture of the sector and shows commonalities between cases that come from different countries, regions, and fields
  • Discussion questions at the end of each case ask you to reflect and analyse the innovation as well think creatively and initiate successful innovations. 
Part 1: Understanding Nonprofit Social Innovation
Ram A. Cnaan and Diane Vinokur-Kaplan
1. Social Innovation: Definitions, Clarifications, and a New Model
Björn Schmitz
2. Social Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation and Social Mission Organizations: Towards a Conceptualization
Part 2: Innovation and New Nonprofit Organizations
Robert J. Wineburgh and Odell Cleveland
3. Welfare Reform Liaison Project (WRLP): From Job Training to Community Development
Ram A. Cnaan and Lynne Coughlin Samson
4. HelpHopeLive: Meeting Financial Needs in Medical Crises
Charles Heying
5. Café au Play: Creating a Family Centered Social Space in Portland, Oregon
Wolfgang Bielefeld
6. The Mind Trust: Innovations in Urban Education
Micheal L. Shier and Femida Handy
7. GiveIndia: Web Donations in an Emerging Philanthropic Market
Gábor Hegyesi, Katalin Talyigás, and Jon Van Til
8. Personal, Societal, and Political Conditions of Successful Innovations: A Case Study of the Difficult Survival of the Social Innovation Foundation (Hungary)
Lucas Meijs
9. Resto VanHarte: A Dutch Restaurant Assisting Others to Overcome Social Isolation
Bruce Sievers and Henry Jones
10. Seacology: A Win-Win Collaboration to Protect Island Environments and Peoples
Andreas Schröer
11. Dialogue in the Dark: Mainstreaming Blind People in Germany
Michal Almog-Bar
12. Krembo Wings: A Youth Organization for Children With Disabilities in Israel
Part 3: Innovation Through Collaboration
Margaret F. Sloan
13. The Center for Rural Development in Appalachia: Linking 45 Counties for Better Service Delivery
Avis C. Vidal
14. Living Cities: Reinventing Philanthropy to Serve Poor Communities
Lauren Miltenberger
15. Overcoming Constraints in the U.S. Human Services System: How New York City Uses Collaboration to Encourage Innovation
Part 4: Innovation Within Existing Nonprofit Organizations
Martti Muukkonen
16. The YMCA: A Pioneer of Organizational Innovations
Diane Vinokur-Kaplan and Jonathan Spack
17. Helping Social Change to Bloom: Two Capacity-Building Innovations at Third Sector New England
Alan J. Abramson, Lehn M. Benjamin, and Stefan Toepler
18. Metro TeenAIDS: Serve and Advocate
Chulhee Kang and Sangchul Lee
19. Empowering Social Workers in Social Service Organizations in South Korea
Björn Schmitz
20. Social Innovations in Mature, Faith-Based, Social Service Nonprofit Organizations: Two German Case Studies
Part 5: Lesson Learned
Diane Vinokur-Kaplan and Ram A.Cnaan
21. Lessons Learned: Themes Observed from Successful Nonprofit Social Innovations
About the Authors

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Mr Monte Kurs
Wagner Grad Sch Of Public Svc, New York University
April 9, 2016

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Ram A. Cnaan

Ram Cnaan is a professor and the senior associate dean at the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Social Policy & Practice. He is also the director of the Program for the Research on Social Policy and Religion. He served as ARNOVA president from 2008 to 2010. He is the author of numerous publications on faith-based organizations, volunteering, and social policy. More About Author

Diane Ruth Kaplan Vinokur

Diane Vinokur-Kaplan is an associate professor of human services management at the University Of Michigan School Of Social Work in Ann Arbor. She has published in such areas as work motivation, job training and job satisfaction and interdisciplinary teams. She has also served on the board of ARNOVA. . Her current research is on non-profit co-locations, where separate organizations reside under one roof and share services. More About Author

Also available as a South Asia Edition.

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