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Case Study Research

Case Study Research
What, Why and How?

First Edition

September 2012 | 192 pages | SAGE South Asia
How should case studies be selected? Is case study methodology fundamentally different to that of other methods? What, in fact, is a case?

Case Study Research: What, Why and How?
 is an authoritative and nuanced exploration of the many faces of case-based research methods. As well as the what, how and why, the author also examines the when and which - always with an eye on practical applications to the design, collection, analysis and presentation of the research.

Case study methodology can prove a confusing and fragmented topic. In bringing diverse notions of case study research together in one volume and sensitising the reader to the many varying definitions and perceptions of `case study`, this book equips researchers at all levels with the knowledge to make an informed choice of research strategy.
What Is a Case Study?
When to Conduct a Case Study?
How to Select Cases?
What Data to Collect?
How to Enrich Your Case Study Data?
How to Analyze Your Data?
Assets and Opportunities

'This book is an excellent source for graduate students and researchers in various disciplines immersed in an old positivistic paradigm or a new evidence-based scientific movement. It offers precise advice regarding case study design, steps to be followed in conducting it, and a secure epistemological-methodological space in which appropriate strategies lead to solutions/answers' -

Maja Miskovic
The Qualitative Report

Peter Swanborn

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