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Case Study Methods

Case Study Methods

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In this introduction to understanding, researching and doing case studies in the social sciences, Hamel outlines several differing traditions of case study research including the Chicago School of Sociology, the anthropological case studies of Malinowski, and the French La Play school tradition. He shows how each developed, changed and has been practised over time. Suggestions for the practice of case studies are made for the novice reader and an additional feature is the extensive bibliography on case study methods in social science to allow for further exploration of the topic.
The Case Study
Differing Perspectives

Conflict of Methods
The Current Debate on the Case Study
The Case Study
Practical Comments and Guidance

Thematic Bibliography for the Case Study

Detailed text, more suited to PG level students and those wanting a more 'philosophical' text. This book was originally published in French. It is a thought provoking book, and worthy of extended reading, but not really suitable for many UG level students. I have certainly found it to be a book which outlines concepts and sets out the parameters and contexts for using case studies. Intriguing indeed!

Mr Andrew Holmes
Centre for Educational Studies, Hull Univ.
July 11, 2014

Jacques Hamel

Jacques Hamel is Professor in the Department of Sociology, University of Montreal. He is also Adjunct Professor at the Observatory on Youth and Society under the aegis of the National Institution for Scientific Research (Urbanization, Culture and Society). Youth Specialist, he conducted investigations and research on young people over the past fifteen years. Her research currently affecting the study of values ??and student social and professional integration of the digital generation. He has also written extensively on epistemology and qualitative methodology in sociology. More About Author

Stephane Dufour

Dominic Fortin

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