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Case Studies

Case Studies

Four Volume Set
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December 2014 | 1 656 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This collection takes a dutifully contemporary approach to the exploration of the uses and interpretations of the case study across a multitude of disciplines and through various cultural perspectives. Exploring the case study from both methodological and theoretical perspectives, the texts included in the volumes illustrate how case study techniques are currently employed, and suggest how they might develop in the foreseeable future. Relevant to varied levels and scales of case study use, the aim of this collection is to provide readers with a comprehensive overview of where we are now with case study research, so that they may better judge their own applications of the case study.


From definitions to interdisciplinary methods, this set will address the practical case study by offering a structured selection of some of the best modern and classic writing on the case study in article form, together with a synoptic editorial introduction and overview of the field of research.


 Volume One: The Origins and History of Case Study

Volume Two: Case Study Design

Volume Three: Issues with Case Study

Volume Four: The Use of Case Studies in Different Disciplines


Statistics and Case Studies as Methods of Sociological Research

Ernest Burgess
The Case Study as a Research Method

Percival Symonds
The Theory of Case Studies

Paul Foreman
Case and Situation Analysis

J. Clyde Mitchell
‘Case Study’ in American Methodological Thought

Jennifer Platt
Part One: Contemporary Meanings of Case Study
Making the Case for Case Study

W. Robert Kenny and Adren Grotelueschen
What Is a Case Study and What Is It Good For?

John Gerring
What Is This a Case Of? Exploring Some Conceptual Issues in Case Study Research

Suzanne Wilson and Sigrun Gudmundsdottir
Redefining Case Study

Rob VanWynsberghe and Samia Khan
The Case Study Challenge: A New Approach to an Old Method

Tsilia Romm and Sophia Mahler
The Harvard Business School Story: avoiding knowledge by being relevant

Ianna Contardo and Robin Wensley
Part Two: The Relationship between Case Study and Other Methodologies
Survey/Variable-oriented Research

Integrating Case Study and Survey Research Methods: An Example in Information Systems

Guy Gable
Case Survey Methodology: Quantitative Analysis of Patterns across Case Studies

Rikard Larsson
Triangulation between Case Study and Survey Methods in Management Accounting Research: An Assessment of Validity Implications

Sven Modell
Turning the Tables: How Case-oriented Research Challenges Variable-oriented Research

Charles Ragin
Part Three: Other Methodologies
The Harvard Business School Story: avoiding knowledge by being relevant

Donna Baines and Ian Cunningham
The Extended Case Method

Michael Burawoy
Case Studies as Spurious Evaluations: The Example of Research on Educational Inequalities

Peter Foster, Roger Gomm and Martyn Hammersley
Case Studies as Natural Experiments

Allen Lee
Case Studies and Generalizability: Grounded Theory and Research in Science Education

Keith Taber
Part Four: Overall Design
Case Study in the Contemporary World of Research: Using Notions of Purpose, Place, Process and Product to Develop Some Principles for Practice

Ian Macpherson, Ross Brooker and Paul Ainsworth
A Case in Case Study Methodology

Christine Benedichte Meyer
Identification of Ambiguity in the Case Study Research Typology: What Is a Unit of Analysis?

Niels Grunbaum
Part Five: Types of Case Study
Case Study Principles for Different Types of Case

J. Barton Cunningham
Types of Case Study Work: A Conceptual Framework for Case-based Research

David Edwards
Case Studies: Types, Designs and Logics of Inference

Jack Levy
A Typology for the Case Study in Social Science Following a Review of Definition, Discourse and Structure

Gary Thomas
Part Six: Sampling/Selection
Process Sampling: A Method for Case Study Research on Administrative Behavior

Charles McClintock
Approaches to Sampling and Case Selection in Qualitative Research: Examples in the Geography of Health

Sarah Curtis et al.
Site Selection within Comparative Case Study and Ethnographic Research

Geoffrey Walford
Case Selection Techniques in Case Study Research: A Menu of Qualitative and Quantitative Options

Jason Seawright and John Gerring
Part Seven: Particular Kinds of Case Study
Using Stake’s Qualitative Case Study Approach to Explore Implementation of Evidence-based Practice

Sheryl Boblin et al.
Single-Outcome Studies: A Methodological Primer

John Gerring
The Comparative Case Study Approach in Public Administration

Robert Agranoff and Beryl Radin
Pedagogic Research into Singularities

Michael Bassey
The Case-Study Model: An Organizational Strategy for Cross-Cultural Evaluation

Gila Garaway
The ‘Too Few Cases/Too Many Variables’ Problem in Implementation Research

Malcolm Goggin
Part Eight: Overviews
The Case Study Crisis: Some Answers

Robert Yin
Case Study as a Research Strategy: Some Ambiguities and Opportunities

Piet Verschuren
Five Misunderstandings about Case-Study Research

Bent Flyvbjerg
Part Nine: Generalisation
A Research Design for Generalizing from Multiple Case Studies

David Greene and Jane David
On Generalising from Single Case Studies: Epistemological Reflections

Colin Evers and Echo Wu
The Case: Generalization, Theory and Phronesis in Case Study

Gary Thomas
A Case Study of a Case Study: Strategies of Generalization and Specification in the Study of Israel as a Single Case

Lars Mjoset
Drawing Lessons from Case Studies by Enhancing Comparability

Attilia Ruzzene
Part Ten: Validity, Reliability, etc
What Passes as a Rigorous Case Study?

Michael Gibbert, Winfried Ruigrok and Barbara Wicki
Are Case Studies More Than Sophisticated Storytelling? Methodological Problems of Qualitative Empirical Research Mainly Based on Semi-Structured Interviews

Thomas Diefenbach
Validity and Generalization in Future Case Study Evaluations

Robert Yin
Part Eleven: Other Issues
Strategies of Causal Inference in Small-N Analysis

James Mahoney
Cumulating the Intellectual Gold of Case Study Research

Jason Jensen and Robert Rodgers
Epistemology as Ethics in Research and Policy: The Use of Case Studies

John Elliott and Dominik Lukes
Part Twelve: Case Study and Theory
Building Theories from Case Study Research

Kathleen Eisenhardt
Eisenhardt’s Impact on Theory in Case Study Research

Katherine Ravenswood
The Normative Case Study

David Thacher
Doing Case Study: Abduction Not Induction, Phronesis Not Theory

Gary Thomas
Troubling Theory in Case Study Research

Martyn Hammersley
Meta-Synthesis of Qualitative Case Studies: An Approach to Theory Building

Christina Hoon
Part Thirteen: Accounting
Case Study Research in Accounting

David Cooper and Wayne Morgan
Part Fourteen: Development
Value Chains, Partnerships and Development: Using Case Studies to Refine Programme Theories

Sietze Vellema et al.
Part Fifteen: Education
Case Study in Comparative Education: Particularity and Generalization

Lawrence Stenhouse
A Case Study of a Case Study: Analysis of a Robust Qualitative Research Methodology

Catherine Snyder
Part sixteen: Health
The Case Study as a Scientific Method for Researching Alternative Therapies

D. Lukoff, D. Edwards and M. Miller
Part seventeen: Industrial Marketing Management
What Makes a Good Case Study? A Positivist Review of Qualitative Case Research Published in Industrial Marketing Management, 1971–2006

Michael Beverland and Adam Lindgreen
Part Eighteen: Information Systems
Case Study Research: A Multi-Faceted Research Approach for IS

A.L.M. Cavaye
Rigor in Information Systems Positive Case Research: Current Practices, Trends and Recommendations

Line Dubé and Guy Paré
Part Nineteen: International Business
The Case Study as Disciplinary Convention: Evidence from International Business Journals

Rebecca Piekkari, Catherine Welch and Erikka Paavilainen
Part Twenty: Law
Evaluation Case Histories as a Parallel to Legal Case Histories: Accumulating Knowledge and Experience in the Evaluation Profession

Darrel Caulley and Irene Dowdy
Part Twenty-One: Operations Management
Case Research in Operations Management

Chris Voss, Nikos Tsikriktsis and Mark Frohlich
Part Twenty-Two: Psychoanalysis
The Psychoanalytic Case Study: A Method for Systematic Inquiry

Enrico Jones and Michael Windholz
Part Twenty-Three: Public Administration
The Single Case Study as Intellectually Ambitious Inquiry

Michael Barzelay
The Case Study Method for Research in Small and Medium-Sized Firms

Sylvie Chetty
Part Twenty-Four: Social Work
How to Critically Evaluate Case Studies in Social Work

Eunjung Lee, Faye Mishna and Sarah Brennenstuhl

"The purpose of this four volume collection is to provide an accessible selection of the best writing on case study in the English language internationally. Such a collection is timely and highly relevant to students, researchers and academics in higher education, especially when the case illustrations being adopted in the collection would provide comparative perspectives and international insights to scholars who are interested in English language studies in Asia."

Professor Ka Ho Mok
Chair Professor of Comparative Policy, The Hong Kong Institute of Education

Malcolm Tight

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