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Case Studies in Community Health

Case Studies in Community Health

  • Jo Fairbanks - University of New Mexico, School of Public Administration, Centennial Group, Latin America
  • Judith Candelaria - New Mexico Department of Health

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88 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Case Studies in Public and Community Health presents 14 classroom-tested case study scenarios, including background information and discussion questions. The overall purpose of the book is to help students understand that public health practice occurs in a social content, and is subject to all the complexities of a social environment. The book can be used as a textbook supplement to Jo Fairbanks William H Wiese's, The Public Health Primer (SAGE, 1997); it can also be used on its own, or as a supplement to other textbooks in the field.
Case Study £1
Basic Terms in Epidemiology

Case Study £2
Cholera in London, 1850

Case Study £3
The Hantavirus Outbreak

Case Study £4
Focus on Violence

Case Study £5
Why Regulate?

Case Study £6
Meningococcal Meningitis Outbreak

Case Study £7
Quality Leadership Process

Case Study £8
Managed Care: What Role for Public Health?

Case Study £9
Planning in a Social Context

Case Study £10
Closure of Planned Parenthood Clinic

Case Study £11
Homeless Health Care

Case Study £12
Planning for School Health Services

Case Study £13
School Health/Border Issues

Case Study £14
Health Promotion/Prevention of Diabetes Mellitus

Case Study £15
Health Promotion Program Evaluation


Jo Fairbanks

Jo Fairbanks, Ph.D., is Professor emeritus with a doctorate in Community Health Education, and has more than 20 years of experience as a public health practitioner in New Mexico. She is also the Director of the Public Health Outreach Education Program (PHOEP), which provides off-campus education in the basics of public health agencies and communities throughout the Southwest. Dr. Fairbanks is very active in community based projects including efforts to build local public health capacity through grants in education and training. She provides courses in Rural Health Issues, Public Health Program Planning and Proposal Writing, US/ Mexico... More About Author

Judith Candelaria

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