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Carl Rogers' Helping System

Carl Rogers' Helping System
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Person Centred Counseling

November 1998 | 432 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This book charts from first-hand experience the origin and development through the present day of person-centered therapy, its central concepts and the key figures within the movement, set against the prevailing historical, social, and political background. A summarizing and defining text for the person-centered approach, written by a close working colleague of Carl Rogers, the book contains a wealth of fascinating and important detail, information, ideas, accounts of theory, process, and research. Providing an in-depth, challenging and multidimensional picture of person-centered therapy, the book will be essential reading for all those, whatever their level of prior knowledge, who are interested in person-centered therapy.
The Beginnings of Client-Centred Therapy
A Time of New Pathways
Twenties Dissonance to New Deal Dawn

New Paths in Step
Roosevelt's Way/Rogers' Advance

Contours of the School Phase of Client-Centred Therapy
Human Nature, Personality and Change
Theoretical Foundations of the Client-Centred System

The Helping Interview
The Course of Therapy
The Helping Process with Children and Families
Group Encounter and Therapy
Wellness, Education and Parenting
Leadership, Large Groups, Community, Conflict Resolution
The Search for Order and Effects
Conditions and Process in Personal Change
Investigation beyond One to One Therapy
Development of Therapists and Facilitators
Openings in a Dynamic Continuity

`This challenging and detailed overview... is a testament to both Rogers' and Barrett-Lennard's confidence in the "fully functioning person"... this learned work will provide students, practitioners and indeed the casual reader with a useful reference... [with its] user friendly style of a man who is clearly imbued with the spirit of the "helping alliance" ' - [ac]Eisteach, The Journal of the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

`This book... is not a single "meal" in itself but a positive "larder" containing every imaginable staple food and condiment all exquisitely and thoroughly researched. The book took Godfrey T Barrett-Lennard 20 years to write and it will stand as a reference text for person-centred specialists for longer than that... an essential reference text... and a pantry full of delicious surprises' - Counselling and Psychotherapy, The Journal of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

`Probably the most important piece of work on the person-centred approach to have emerged in recent years... an essential source of reference for anyone with a serious interest in the person-centred approach' - Counselling News

`This book is a monumental achievement, and person-centred practitioners will be indebted to Goff Barrett-Lennard for many years to come. He has written not only a definitive study of the history of the person-centred approach - what he calls a report on the "evolutionary course of human science" - but also an acompanying comentary which is unfailingly enlightening, sometimes provocative and occasionally lyrical.' - British Journal of Guidance & Counselling

`This book is a gem, and should have wide appeal. It is an excellent introduction to person-centered psychology, written in accessible style, and it takes the reader beyond the simplistic form in which much of Roger's work is often presented. The book repays careful reading. Whilst Rogers work has a simplicity often confused with naivety, Barrett-Lenard reveals a sophisticated complexity that challenges us to view the 'person' with fresh eyes and an open mind.' - Psychology Teaching Review

Godfrey T Barrett-Lennard

Dr Godfrey Barrett-Lennard is an Australian-based health professional. Godfrey is trained as a Psychologist and has a practice located in Wembley Downs. More About Author

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