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Business Writing in the Digital Age

Business Writing in the Digital Age

First Edition

October 2011 | 320 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Business Writing in the Digital Age fills an urgent need to equip business and MBA students to write more effectively in a style that works for today's business world. Using a readable, highly accessible approach and numerous concrete examples, this book frames writing as a strategic tool to accomplish goals. Readers learn a step-by-step system that tells them what to say, and how to say it in every circumstance. At the same time they learn how to improve their technical skills by applying practical techniques rather than grammatical rules.

In today's business world, success depends on writing. Those who write well are better able to win opportunities, establish their reputation, persuade others to their viewpoint and build relationships. They collaborate, manage and lead more effectively. Writing well also equips businesspeople to function in a global marketplace and reach increasingly diverse audiences.

This book builds readers' confidence and capabilities. No matter what their starting point, they absorb a solid foundation that applies to all writing. They also learn the specifics of crafting messages and documents that range from the traditional, like letters and proposals, to media such as email, blogs, web sites, PowerPoint and social networking. This broad coverage makes the material relevant and compelling. Students also develop tools to keep improving on their own, and to handle new communication channels as they emerge.

Business Writing in the Digital Age helps teachers stay current with a changing media landscape. They can use it as a complete guide to writing development, drawing on the practice opportunities and group projects supplied, or assign students to work with some––or all the material––on their own.

Importance of Writing in Today's Business World, Changing World/Changing Needs, How to Use This Book
Writing Strategically
Applying the Strategic Ideas
Writing: the Good Sentence
Writing: Pulling the Message Together, and How to Edit
Persuasive Writing Part 1: The Tools and Techniques
Persuasive Writing Part 2: Proposals, Reports, Business Plans, Executive Summary, and PowerPoints
Web Sites
Blogs and Social Media
Presenting Yourself--Resumes

Content was important and easy to understand.

Mr Kenneth Weinstein
Business, CUNY SPS
October 20, 2012

Natalie Canavor

Natalie Canavor is a business writer, author and journalist. Throughout her successive careers as a magazine editor and public relations manager, she orginated programs to help people communicate more effectively. Today she focuses on this work with practical programs for business and professional audiences, college students, and writing insructors.         As an adjunct professor at NYU for six years, Natalie taught advanced writing seminars for the MS program in public relations and corporate communication, and created courses on strategic messaging for professionals and entrepreneurs. Her byline as a... More About Author

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