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Business-to-Business Marketing

Business-to-Business Marketing

Fourth Edition
  • Ross Brennan - Professor of Industrial Marketing, Hertfordshire Business School, University of Hertfordshire, UK
  • Louise Canning - Associate Professor of Marketing, Kedge Business School, France
  • Raymond McDowell - Associate Dean of Resources and Planning, Bristol Business School, University of the West of England, UK
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May 2017 | 416 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

‘This textbook stands out from others by combining multiple approaches to B2B marketing theory with up-to-date examples from practice. The inclusion of many international examples makes it invaluable for faculty and students worldwide. It is a must read for students and a truly refreshing addition to any marketing course.’ – Catherine Sutton-Brady, Associate Professor of Marketing, The University of Sydney Business School

Taking in both European and US approaches to form a balanced, global-minded text and covering both the theory and practice of global business-to-business marketing, the new Fourth Edition:

  • Includes new coverage of digital and social media marketing in the B2B environment, to reflect online developments
  • Is updated to reflect the effects and impact of global changes such as the legally binding deal signed at the Paris Climate Conference (Dec. 2015)
  • Includes new ‘scenario’ boxes which provide reflective decision-based situations for students to think through, helping them prepare for future roles.

The book is complemented by a companion website featuring a range of tools and resources for lecturers and students, including PowerPoint slides, tutor guide sample exam questions, SAGE journal articles, quizzes, web links and selected author videos to make the examples in each chapter come to life.

Suitable for all students taking B2B marketing modules.

PART I Fundamentals of Business-to-Business Marketing
Chapter 1 Business-to-Business Markets and Marketing
Chapter 2 Buyer Behaviour
Chapter 3 Inter-Firm Relationships and Networks
PART II Business-to-Business Marketing Analysis and Strategy
Chapter 4 Responsible Business-to-Business Strategy
Chapter 5 Researching Business-to-Business Markets
Chapter 6 Business Market Segmentation
PART III Communicating and Interacting with Customers
Chapter 7 Market Communication
Chapter 8 Relationship Communication
Chapter 9 Relationship Portfolios and Key Account Management
Part IV Managing Marketing Processes
Chapter 10 Managing Product Offerings
Chapter 11 Routes to Market
Chapter 12 Price-Setting in Business- to-Business Markets


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This textbook takes a refreshing approach to B2B marketing. Its inclusion of theory on the importance of relationships in B2B marketing makes it a standout. Combining theory with up-to-date case studies and examples makes it invaluable for students and faculty. It is a welcome addition to any marketing course at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Dr. Catherine Sutton-Brady
Associate Professor, Discipline of Marketing, The University of Sydney Business School

Business-to-Business Marketing offers fresh insights into both the theory and practice of industrial marketing. This textbook competently combines highly relevant concepts and models with a wealth of very interesting and useful examples, cases and practical exercises from a variety of industries and contexts. Students of all levels, including doctoral, will find this book an inseparable companion.

Professor Enrico Baraldi
Department of Engineering Sciences, Uppsala University, Sweden

This is a very interesting textbook which provides an updated and comprehensive knowledge about B2B Marketing. It offers both in-depth theoretical foundation and accessible, real-world examples, something that is rare to find in textbooks. It will be useful to both students and practitioners alike.

Dr. Nektarios Tzempelikos
Lord Ashcroft International Business School, Anglia Ruskin University

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 7 - Market Communication

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Ross Brennan

Dr Ross Brennan is Professor of Industrial Marketing at the Hertfordshire Business School, University of Hertfordshire. His research interests are in business-to-business marketing strategy, macromarketing, cross-cultural marketing and marketing pedagogy. Ross Brennan’s research has been published in a wide range of academic journals including the European Journal of Marketing, Industrial Marketing Management, the Journal of Macromarketing, the Journal of Marketing Education, the Journal of Marketing Management, and the Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing.  Dr Brennan is active within the UK Academy of Marketing and the... More About Author

Louise Canning

Dr Louise Canning held international sales and marketing posts in the steel and engineering industries before moving into higher education as an ESCRC teaching fellow at UWE Bristol and completing her doctoral investigation of environmental adaptation in buyer-supplier relationships. Louise’s continued interest in sustainability and the interface between business and consumer markets has most recently included the examination of human disposition. Besides sustainability, Louise’s other research interests include business market communication and small business development, her work having been published in leading journals such as European... More About Author

Raymond McDowell

Ray McDowell is the Associate Dean of Resources and Planning, Bristol Business School, University of the West of England, UK.  The Department numbers about 100 permanent staff across the range of management disciplines and means that Ray is managing business-to-business relationships pretty much every day of the week.  This comes as no surprise to him; all business is about managing relationships and he learnt that very early in his professional life.  That professional life began in the private sector and before pursuing an academic career he occupied positions at GEC-Marconi leading the company’s involvement in a... More About Author

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