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Business Systems in East Asia

Business Systems in East Asia
Firms, Markets and Societies

April 1994 | 288 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
As trends toward the internationalization and globalization of business intensify, it becomes increasingly apparent that different cultures manifest very different--yet no less effective--forms of business organization. And while much has been written about the Japanese approach to business, far less attention has been paid to other East Asian business systems. In this fascinating and informative book, Whitley looks at business in its social context in South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong as well as Japan. He explores similarities and differences organizations, markets and societies. The author also compares East Asian business systems with dominant Western practices and considers the international transferability of different business "recipes." Clearly demonstrating how different business practices can only be fully understood with reference to the societies from which they come, this volume will be essential reading for all students and managers concerned with international business, the comparative analysis of organizations, and the social foundations of business enterprise. "The methods used are comparative and historical--useful because they provide precisely specified counterfactuals. . . . This is a worthwhile contribution to the literature, not least because many of its findings are suggestive of directly testable hypotheses." --European Management Journal "Whitley develops a very interesting conceptualization of 'business systems.' . . . Whitley illustrates the theoretical points with detailed analyses. . . . Theoretically, this book illustrates what is good and bad about the institutional approach. . . . Whitley succeeds at this level nicely. . . . I do recommend this book. . . . It marks an important step in developing an adequate conceptualization and analysis of the organization of entire economies, and that is a significant accomplishment." --Contemporary Sociology "This exceptional book occupies a special niche in the comparative business systems literature. . . . Whitley presents a cogent case for the proposition that 'organizational forms and strategic choices can no longer be understood in isolation from their institutional context.' . . . Business Systems in Ease Asia is wise and insightful. It is a must read for both practitioner and professor dealing with multinational strategic issues. Given the profound changes in the global business climate, such deeply reflective works from experienced and talented authors are much needed." --The International Journal of Organizational Analysis "Worth reading for insights into doing business with the Vietnamese." --Indochina Chronology "Whitley has produced a valuable work on a topic important for scholars interested in understanding business systems in East Asia. . . . There is a cogent discussion on the legacies of preindustrial factors and the role of the state in industrialization, and an exceptional analysis of how historical and institutional factors have formed the distinctive features of the kaisha, the chaebol, and the Chinese family business. An insightful chapter delineates differences between institutional influences on forms of business organization in East Asia and the West. This study demonstrates the existence of varied ways of effectively organizing market systems and skillfully weaves together history and institutions to illustrate the contemporary structure of those systems." --Choice
The Comparative Analysis of Business Systems
East Asian Business Systems
Differences Between East Asian Business Systems
Institutional Influences on East Asian Business Systems I
Pre-Industrial Japan, Korea and China

Institutional Influences on East Asian Business Systems II
Industrialization and Institutional Development

The Effects of Institutional Environments on East Asian Business Systems
East Asian and Western Business Systems
Variety, Change and Internationalization of Business Systems

Richard Whitley

Richard Whitley is Professor of Organizational Sociology at the Manchester Business School, Manchester University. He is the author of Business Systems in East Asia: Firms, Markets and Societies (Sage, 1992). More About Author

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