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Business Stats

Finding statistical data has become synonymous with pain, but no more! Business Stats  provides accessible, reliable data for students to make their own conclusions with analysis. Hosted on the SAGE Stats platform, it is the ideal resource for researchers to find highly detailed, geographically oriented statistics for developing business intelligence leading to real-world decision-making. See what you can do with SAGE Stats!

Topics Include:

  • Detailed Age and Race Breakdowns
  • Earnings and Employment by Industry
  • Household Income Levels
  • New and Closed Businesses
  • Patent and Trademarks
  • Retail Sales by Industry
  • Venture Capital Funding

Key Features:

  • Gives online access to more than 7,000 data series, and over 300 million data points, from public and private sources, including Woods & Pool's extensive historical projected statistics
  • Includes statistics at the state, county, metro area, and ZIP code levels
  • Includes over 40 years of historical stats, as well as projections going out to 2050
  • Simplifies student research on employment and employee wages; age groups; populations by race; household income; among other measures
  • Allows researcher to download data (available in Excel and CSV formats), maps, and other visualizations for presentations or advanced analysis

Purchasing Options

  • Business Stats is available for annual subscription or purchase.
  • For bundling options, contact your sales representative.

Finding statistical data has become synonymous with pain, but it should not be. Business Stats simplifies the process by providing data in an easy-to-use interface. Researchers are not only able to find exactly what they need but do so with just a few clicks, saving themselves time.

“The powerful compare tool allows one to juxtapose locations, years, or data series (suggested comparisons are offered in a pull-down menu) to view as scatterplots or line graphs. Source information is thoroughly detailed and easily cited, with hyperlinks to the originating data producer. Overall, the resource is a versatile tool for undergraduates and advanced scholars interested in visualizing a wealth of business data sources in comparative fashion… Highly recommended” –Choice Magazine, May 2016

"Gathering data no longer need be an arduous, time-demanding research process. With SAGE Business Stats, researchers are able to find numerous business data resources in one format. The ease with which one can find the data (because of the filters) and the ability to perform intricate comparisons of data elevates this database above others. This database is exceptionally useful to undergraduate and graduate students seeking ample selection of business data resources in a comparative format. This database will also be useful for those businesspeople and other researchers seeking demographic perspective. Highly recommended."   –American Reference Book Annual

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