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Business, Ethics and Society

Business, Ethics and Society
Key Concepts, Current Debates and Contemporary Innovations

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November 2021 | 336 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
With an emphasis on psychoanalytic theory, Business, Ethics and Society: Key Concepts, Current Debates and Contemporary Innovations provides a clear, concise introduction to the field of business ethics, while addressing contemporary issues and debates around the impacts of artificial intelligence, social media, the gig economy and populist politics on business and society.

The book features mini-case studies from a variety of contexts and companies, including Gillette, Nike, Dove, British Airways and Microsoft, as well as thought-provoking questions throughout. Also included are:
- Learning objectives
- Chapter summaries
- Recommended reading

Business, Ethics and Society: Key Concepts, Current Debates and Contemporary Innovations serves as an ideal introductory text for students of undergraduate business ethics-related courses.

Lecturers can access a range of online resources for use in their teaching, including an instructor’s manual, PowerPoint slides and SAGE Business Cases.
Part 1: Ethics
Chapter 1 Why Ethics?
Chapter 2 What Does it Mean to be Ethical?
Part 2: Business and Society
Chapter 3 Business as a Social Good
Chapter 4 Business as a Social Evil
Part 3: Business, Ethics and Society
Chapter 5 Business and its Relationship with Society
Chapter 6 Data, Ethics and Society
Part 4: Sustainable Business
Chapter 7 Sustainable Development and Business
Chapter 8 Sustainable Business
Part 5: Sustainable Management
Chapter 9 Responsible Management Learning
Chapter 10 Responsible Organisational Management
Part 6: Inclusive Organisations
Chapter 11 Making Organisations Inclusive
Chapter 12 Working and Managing in the Inclusive Organisation


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Business, Ethics and Society is the text that business ethicists need now, as expectations about the role business plays in our globally-connected world evolve and grow. John Cullen is remarkably widely read, and uses a vibrant body of materials to add inimitable grounding to ethics topics. Each chapter begins with essential learning objectives and moves through lively discussions, relevant cases, and examples drawing on diverse sources such as Plato and Freud, the New Testament and the panoply of Greek gods, Black Lives Matter and #MeToo, academic writing and short fiction. Cullen has crafted a seamless connection among aspects of ethical leadership that every business student must develop and support: individual moral courage, ethical organizational culture, sustainable business practices, and dignity and inclusion for all organizational members.

Kathy Lund Dean
Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor of Leadership & Ethics, Gustavus Adolphus College, USA

John Cullen’s book is firmly rooted in established business ethics theory and debates while also engaging – in an impressive way – with new perspectives and the latest research. With such an impressive and comprehensive scope, making engagement easy for students and effective for educators requires clear signposting, summaries of key learning points, invitations to reflection and interesting case studies that support both discussion and application. This book has it all. Above and beyond that, I particularly admired the interdisciplinary range of the book, the use of psychoanalytic theory to shed new light on key debates, and the multiple ways in which the text supports students in the development of their own position on the most critical and pressing ethical issues of our times. It is easy to recommend such a useful, interesting and engaging book.

Paul Hibbert
Professor of Management and Faculty Dean, University of St Andrews

Great for Business studies and professional discussions.

Mrs Beverley Griffiths
Education, Buckinghamshire College Group
July 2, 2024

A suitable addition to the core text and other resources.

Miss Tracy Smith
The Business School (Canterbury), Canterbury Christ Church University
June 30, 2022

John G. Cullen

John G. Cullen lectures in Maynooth University School of Business, Kildare, Ireland, where he has served as Director of Undergraduate Teaching & Learning.  He has also served as the Associate Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Interim Dean of Graduate Studies.  His pedagogical research focuses on sustainable and socially responsible management learning and education.  He is an Associate Editor of the Journal of Management education and a member of the editorial boards of Academy of Management Learning & Education and Human Relations.  His most recent book Business Ethics & Society: Key Concepts,... More About Author

Also available as a South Asia Edition.

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