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Business Communication Today

Business Communication Today

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Management Communication

July 1996 | 200 pages | SAGE Response
This practical book provides a comprehensive account of personal and business communication in India's organizational and technological environment. Topics discussed include: the various forms of communication; ways of developing effective communication; how to choose the right medium of communication; the impact of information technologies on communication; the qualities of an effective communicator; and international and cross-cultural communication practices.
Foreword Hrishikesh A Mafatlal
Business Communication: What it is All About  
Forms of Business Communication  
Design for Effective Communication  
What Should Be Communicated. And When  
Putting Ideas Together for Communication  
How to Communicate Effectively  
Key Audiences in Business Communication  
Verbal Communication  
Non-verbal Communication  
Written Communication  
Using the Right Medium  
Other Tools in Business Communication  
Impact of Information Technology on Communication  
Communication, Culture and Development  
Qualities of an Effective Communicator  
Requirements for the Future  
Bibliography and Select Readings  

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Sushil Bahl

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