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Business and Professional Communication

Business and Professional Communication
KEYS for Workplace Excellence

January 2011 | 376 pages | SAGE South Asia
Unlocking the KEYS to excellence in business and professional communication!

To demonstrate excellence as professionals, students must first develop excellence as communicators. This text presents an exciting new approach to teaching the core concepts and techniques of business and professional communication, and is organized by the sequence of experiences readers will face as they transition from student to professional, and from interviewee to team member to leader.

Key Features

- The KEYS Process is an organizing feature in the book that encourages students to engage in a communication self-inventory in a variety of contexts to build their skills and to apply that knowledge to their future professional lives.
- Thought-provoking opening narratives provide context and content for each chapter. Students revisit the narrative at the end of the chapter and evaluate the outcome using the KEYS model.
- To help prepare students for the business world, realistic What Went Wrong? scenarios are embedded into every chapter, providing an opportunity to analyze situations students may encounter in the workplace
- Stories From the Real World present fascinating examples of communication interactions from business and campus life, asking students to consider the question, “What would you have done?”
- Within each chapter, an Ethical Connection feature asks students to reflect on the ethical dimensions of the presented scenarios.

Accompanied by Effective Teaching and Learning Resources at

- A password-protected Instructor Teaching Site include a test bank, powerPoint presentations, chapter outlines, sample syllabi, video resources, and web resources.
- An Open-access Student Study Site provides e-flashcards of key terms, self-quizzes, access to full-text SAGE journal articles, video resources, and web resources.
Business and Professional Excellence in the Workplace  
Landing the Job  
Getting to Know Your Diverse Workplace  
Building Relationships Through Interpersonal Communication  
Strengthening Connections With Team Communication  
Communicating Excellence With Technology  
Writing With Professional Excellence  
Leading With Professional Excellence  
Informing and Persuading With Professional Excellence  
Designing a Speech with Professional Excellence  
Delivering a Speech With Professional Excellence  
Balancing Work and Life Through Communication  

The KEYS feature will help students apply their learning, and the Keys in Action exercises are extremely helpful. The conversational, coaching tone of the text is excellent: in many sections, students are given advice with explanations of how the advice will help them succeed in the workplace. I am impressed with the readability of the text and its relevance to students’ workplace communication needs.”


Carolyn Clark
Salt Lake Community College

“The most impressive aspect of the book is the way the organization reflects the sequence of experiences the typical college graduate is likely to experience when entering the workforce: transition from school to work, from entry level jobs to more responsibility, from team member to leader, and even how to achieve a work-life balance.”

Randy Duncan
Henderson State University

“The book is written at a student’s level, not for a group of scholars discussing communication skills. … The advantages of the book are the readability, the wide range of subject areas included, and the case studies. The case studies are some of the best I have seen.”

Dale Davis
The University of Texas at San Antonio

“The main advantage [of Quintanilla/Wahl] is the accessibility of the writing and the use of humor. I think it caters more to the student than other texts. There were parts I really enjoyed reading and I think students will too. Chapter 10: Balancing Work and Life through Communication is an important chapter and one that should resonate with the Millennial generation.”

Kristina D. Drumheller
West Texas A&M University

The writing style is very accessible. The chapter on technology makes this book different from the ones I’ve used, and the chapter on work-life balance is compelling, interesting, and important.”

Michele S. Foss-Snowden
California State University, Sacramento

“This book is a breath of fresh air in the marketplace. The concepts covered are excellent, the writing is user-friendly, and the student and instructor can find a common enjoyment of the overall presentation.”

Leonard M. Edwards
Arizona State University

“The KEYS process is clear and very appropriate. The use of this text will be a great shift from business writing to include a more humanistic and personal approach to the area of business communication.”

William W. Kenner
University of Michigan-Flint

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Kelly M. Quintanilla

Kelly M. Quintanilla is the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. She earned her Ph.D. in Communication from the Pennsylvania State University in 1994, joining the A&M-CC faculty that same year. She was a Professor of the Communication for 16 years, teaching courses in Business & Professional Communication, Teamwork & Leadership, Organizational Communication, Public Relations, and Public Speaking. Additionally, she served as Department Chair/Program Coordinator in Communication from 2000-2009. Over the years, Dr. Quintanilla has received awards for her teaching, service, advising, and... More About Author

Shawn T. Wahl

Shawn T. Wahl (PhD, University of Nebraska, Lincoln) is a professor of communication and head of the Department of Communication in the School of Communication Studies at Missouri State University (MSU). Prior to MSU, he served as head of the Department of Communication, Mass Media, & Theatre at Angelo State University and as the director of graduate studies at Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi. He is coauthor of Nonverbal Communication for a Lifetime, Business and Professional Communication: KEYS for Workplace Excellence, Persuasion in Your Life, Communication and Culture In Your Life, and Public Relations Principles:... More About Author

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