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Burdened Children

Burdened Children
Theory, Research, and Treatment of Parentification

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Parenting | Social Work - Families

April 1999 | 216 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This volume is a comprehensive study of parentification in the family - children who fulfil the role of parents to their own parents or to their siblings, almost always at the expense of their own development. The book is divided into two sections: theory and research and contextual perspectives.
Nancy D Chase
An Overview of Theory, Research and Societal Issues

Deborah Jacobvitz, Shelley Riggs and Elizabeth Johnson
Cross-Sex and Same-Sex Family Alliances
Immediate and Long-Term Effects on Sons and Daughters

Bryan E Robinson
Workaholic Children
One Method of Fulfilling the Parentification Role

Suzanne Lamorey
Parentification of Siblings of Children with Disability or Chronic Disease
Gregory J Jurkovic, Richard Morrell and Alison Thirkield
Assessing Childhood Parentification
Guidelines for Researchers and Clinicians

Marolyn Wells and Rebecca Jones
Object Relations Therapy of Individuals with Narcissistic and Masochistic Parentification Styles
Helen W Coale
Therapeutic Rituals and Rites of Passage
Helping Parentified Children and Their Families

Bruce Lackie
Trauma, Invisibility and Loss
Multiple Metaphors of Parentification

Louis P Anderson
Parentification in the Context of the African American Family
Paula M Reeves
The Archetype of the Parentified Child
A Psychosomatic Presence


Nancy D. Chase

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